When you are traveling for the weekend or for longer, it gets difficult to keep up those healthy eating habits and your normal fitness schedule because you aren’t at home around your own kitchen and workout space or local gym.

Don’t get me wrong. I do NOT think that while you’re on vacation or a trip, that any of us need to workout 5 days a week or keep our eating habits perfectly clean and healthy without splurging. Absolutely not, what kind of vacation would that be?

When I’m away from home, I still like to make sure that I don’t throw any and all of inhibitions out the window and just have a “cheat day” that lasts for  days. Vacations are for beautiful, fun outfits and relaxing pool days.  These are just some of the ideas that I plan on implementing and that I think would be helpful for those that want to keep up their healthy lifestyle while on the go.

staying healthy on vacation

Staying Healthy on Vacation – Exercise and Diet Tips

Workout Ideas:

1. Choose Walking- Instead of taking a taxi or tram or moving skywalks, walk to wherever you are going. Whether you are going sight-seeing or walking to lunch or to a show, walking just that little bit will give you a light workout. Plus, if you are walking around for an extended period of time then, you’ll burn even more calories and you won’t have to get in an intense workout or take time out of your vacation to exercise. Take in all of that gorgeous scenery that is around you, no matter where you’re vacationing!

2. Do mini workouts- You know all of those exercises challenges that we see on every and any social media site? Try starting one while you are away! It isn’t going to be a super intense or time-consuming workout, but it will get that blood flowing a little bit and give you energy to start your day! You can do it right in your hotel room or wherever you’re staying, most of them can be done in small spaces. Here are some ideas for a quick ab workout and a butt and thigh workout (this is the squat challenge I have been doing, you can read more here!)

 Healthy Eating Tips:

1. Bring your own snacks- Throwing some snacks in your bag or bringing them with you to keep at the hotel will prevent you from having to go to a vending machine or from having to make a quick unhealthy choice so that you can get going on your activities. Some of the things that I know I will be bringing are some raw almonds, apples, protein balls and some veggies you can throw in a ziplock bag. You can check out my 5 day meal plan for some snack and small food item ideas.

image2. Bring water with you EVERYWHERE- Not only will this prevent you from getting dehydrated if you are vacationing in the summer months especially, but it will also save you some time and money having to buy the daily amount of water that you should still be drinking no matter where you are! I know that in Vegas, I would rather carry around water with me all day instead of spending $4 on one water bottle. These water bottles with fruit infusers are a great option, or just any water bottle that will keep the H2O somewhat insulated and cool.

3. Just Ask- Don’t be afraid to ask for healthier substitutions or options when you go out to eat. There are so many restaurants out there now that cater to clean eating and healthier options. They are designed to serve their customers, I promise they will not mind! And if they do… oh well, just ask anyways!

It is absolutely okay to splurge and enjoy yourself on your travels. Don’t feel guilty about eating something that may not be the greatest for you or not getting an any exercise one day. It will not make or break your health goals! If you do travel and use any of these, I would love to hear about! I will have a glass of wine for you all on our vacation:)

*Cheers to get aways, wine days, and healthy ways*

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