You know the saying “new year, new you” that every gym starts to promote around the New Year? Well, I don’t necessarily believe in that. I think that anytime of the year is a great place to begin when starting a new workout routine or a new health journey. I have been on a mission to get into the best shape of my life for the past four years, and it has had it’s ups and downs. Now, with some new motivation, new trainers, and a new outlook on life, I am committed to doing it! I have put together a list of some of the best things that have helped me on this journey, and I hope they help you as well!

Having trouble finding motivation? Want to start getting healthy? Here are 7 things you need when starting a workout routine that will help.

*This post contains items/services that were given to me for review. All opinions and thoughts on them are 100% my own. I never promote anything to you all that I have not tried and love myself! 

7 Must-Haves When Starting A Workout Routine

1. Motivation: To change your body, you have to change your mindset. You have to commit to the fact that you are GOING to workout out 4-6 times a week, you are GOING to stick to your meal plan, and even when you don’t want to, you are GOING to stick with it. Motivation isn’t easy, and it isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes it gets hard, but you push through because you desire to be healthy and to start seeing changes in yourself. Motivation doesn’t always come from you either. It might come from your trainers pushing you to be better, it might come from your significant other commenting on how you’re losing weight or getting tone, it might come from your friends letting you know how much it motivates them to see you working on yourself!

I’m not glowing from highlight on my cheekbones! That is 40 minutes of work and sweat to get that glow!

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2. Trainer/Gym/Coach: Now, this is not saying that you can’t get fit without these things. I have worked out on my owner the past five years, consistently 4 days a week at least. I was in decent shape doing that, but I had plateaued and really needed something different to happen in my body in order for me to start seeing results. Hence, my desire to get into a gym and work with trainers who would push me, as well as support me. Not to mention, it’s super motivational working out with other women who are just trying to get healthy also! Check out my last post on the start of my health journey with True Revolution! Carmen and Christina are amazing, and if you are in the AZ area, be sure to pay them a visit:) 

3. Nutrition Plan: They always say that getting into shape starts in the kitchen, and that is so true! You can work out as much as you want, but if you are really trying to lose weight and get tone and/or build muscle, you have to be fueling your body with the right things. The ladies at True Revolution, where I work out, created a meal plan for me that is great to have! It’s hard not to veer off of it, especially when you are cooking for four little ones and a husband who are absolutely NOT on that meal plan. However, if you meal prep and really commit to it, you stop craving all of the things you shouldn’t be eating anyway!

4. Exercise Band: I have never used something to track my fitness/sleep. Since using the Misfit Ray monitor, I have noticed such a big change in being able to track my exercise and my sleep habits. The Misfit has so many great qualities, and it looks super cute too! I got the gray and rose gold Misfit Ray, and just love the look of it.

· Swim-proof – Take it to the beach, pool or the shower worry free.
· Stylish – With a variety of fashionable trackers and accessories, you can create a new look every day.
· 6-month battery – Never take it off and record the most accurate results possible.
· Sleep Tracking – Get to know your body better by tracking a good night’s sleep.
· Call/Text & App alerts – Have notifications and reminders sent right to your wrist.

5. Cute Workout Gear: This is not a need, but for me, getting cute clothing to workout in makes me feel like I really need to use them. Plus, how tight they are really motivates me to keep working my butt off! I love finding pieces that are cute, durable, and not hundreds of dollars. The clothing from Senita Athletics is some of my favorite for working out! I have also tried out the items in the Wantable fitness box, which is where the shirt below came from. I love it, but I don’t love the prices of some of their items.

Photos by Karla Yazuri Photography

6. Food Log: This goes hand in hand with having a nutrition plan. I use the Lose It app for iPhone and have found it to be EXTREMELY beneficial. It helps me see what I eat, how many approximate calories/carbs/protein/etc… I am taking in each day. It also allows you to set goals for weight loss or maintenance, and shows you levels of what you should be eating each day and whether you go over or stay under your caloric intake. The paid version also lets you track how much water you drink every day, which is awesome.

7. Support: This one is last, but it is certainly not least. Having a support system is huge when you are trying to work through a lifestyle change, especially one of this size. Changing your diet, your workout schedule, and maintaining all of that takes a lot of commitment, and you need people who will support that level of commitment and support your decision. My husband, for example, never tries to bring junk food into the house (he knows that’s my weakness) but he also never judges me if I want to treat myself with something off of my meal plan. Whether it’s your spouse, your coaches, your trainers, or your friends, you need people who will help build you up, especially when the going gets rough and all you want to do is eat Flaming Hot Cheetos and then ice cream… it happens to the best of us.

What are some of the things that you have to have when starting a workout routine or committing to a new healthy lifestyle? Subscribe below for more fitness updates from my health adventure:)

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*Cheers to healthy and happy bodies*

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