Some of you know, and some of you may not, that I am a mom of four children all under 4-years-old. I have also been dealing with a lot of issues since the delivery of my twins.

Postpartum is kicking my butt.

This post isn’t going to be about the hard times though. It’s going to be about ways that we can make our lives a little bit less overwhelming, and take it an easier on ourselves as we try to win whatever battles we may be struggling with.

This is going to be a challenge and I want to see you using the hashtag #smallwins to share in the joys of your day, no matter how tiny they may seem! Some of you may not need this because you have perfected the art of multitasking.

making motherhood less overwhelming

Before my last babies were born, this was me. “Perfectly” together, able to handle everything on my checklist all at one time. Not. A. Chance these days. I have learned that for now, that just has to be acceptable. I am not perfect, I can’t do everything and more on my own, and making sure that I show myself some self-care and self-love to make it through the day is necessary!

I did a Periscope last week about the realities of postpartum, including anxiety and depression, and just the struggles that women go through as moms especially. (You can watch the replay of that here. It sounds like I am talking about random things sometimes because people comment and I try to reply to them right away). The topic was “un-boxing”, but I kind of took it to a more personal/inner level. We talked about the “three wins” challenge and how great it can on a daily basis.

Three Small Wins

The Challenge:

Make life less stressful- Start your day off with three small wins.

Pick three things that you want to accomplish in the day. Whether that be something that looks like:

  1. Do dishes 2. Keep the kids alive 3. Try to spend 30 min. doing something I enjoy

Or anything else that you want to put on your list! Just start with three. Once you accomplish those, you can check them off and add more to the list that day. If you only get to those three, who cares! You have accomplished three small wins for the day!

Use this challenge to remove some of the things that make you overwhelmed. Even perfectionist clean-freaks, like myself, cannot keep it all together 100% of the time. This is especially true if you are battling inner demons like anxiety, depression, panic, etc… We all need something to help us manage those feelings, find support through those tough days, and make life a little easier on ourselves so that WE take it easier on ourselves.


Finding Joy in Your Version of Crazy

The tagline of my blog is “finding joy in the crazy”. Before I began struggling with anxiety and postpartum issues, only thought it was a cute tagline that I used because I know being a mom is crazy and we all deserve joy. Now, I understand wholeheartedly where the line comes from.

We all have our own version of crazy, whether that be work or school or kids or hobbies or a combination of everything! We also each have our own struggles. There is always an option to find joy inside of whatever craziness surrounds your life. Do what it takes to find that joy!

Remember to use #SMALLWINS to share what wins you have had during the day!

*Cheers to finding joy in the crazy, and winning every single day*

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