Every heard the phrase, “Beauty is only skin deep”?

While I completely agree with the truth that our inner beauty is much more important then our outer beauty, I don’t see anything wrong with taking the time to care for that outer beauty as well. And as the phrase would suggest, it all starts and ends with the skin.


Getting that Radiant Glow

Taking care of our skin, especially as women, but for men as well, plays a significant role in keeping ourselves looking healthy, radiant and youthful.

I used to be the worst at taking care of my skin when I was younger. My teenage years, I would fall asleep with all of my make-up on, never apply any kind of special product specifically made for the the face or body, and did all this without thinking twice about it. Terrible, I know.

Now, I place taking care of my skin, not only on my face but the rest of the body too (which is just as important), at the top of my list when it comes to my “beauty” regimen.

Having a normal skin care routine and finding products that work uniquely for your skin type helps to promote radiant skin, helps fight the signs of aging, and helps to retain the health of our oh-so-delicate skin.

These are some of my favorite skin care products. Just for reference, I have dry to normal skin with only the occasional problem of breakouts:

Purity Skin Cleanser: The best cleanser ever. It takes off everything and anything and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It is made for use on the face and the eyes, where I have never experienced any kind of burning or discomfort like some cleansers have. I use this product every night before bed.image This is my favorite of all the skin care products I use!

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser: This is a cleanser and exfoliant in one. It smells like fresh squeezed lemons, which I love in the mornings especially. I use this product 3 times a week and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and looking bright afterwords.

DDF Acne Control Treatment: If I ever feel like I have a problem spot coming on or I wake up with a blemish, I use this on the area three times a day and literally in 1 day it is almost gone. It is a little pricey but it will last for such a long time because you only need the smallest amount.


frank Coffee Scrub: If you have been following Motherhood and Merlot for a while, you know my OBSESSION with this body scrub. I did an entire review on frank and the wonders it did for my stretch marks, cellulite reduction and dry skin. Seriously, the greatest body scrub I have ever used. I use it up to twice a week on my body and once a week for a deep exfoliating treatment on my face. Love, Love, Love.

First Aid Beauty Detox Eye Roller: This mama does need something to ease the puffiness and dark circles that are ever-present. This does the trick! It’s really soothing and helps make those problems less visible.image I am in the market for another one that helps fight and prevent the signs of aging. First Aid Beauty makes one and I will let you all know my thoughts if I try it out. (Has anyone tried this already?)

Spa Warming Trends Green Tea Masque: This is a deep cleansing thermal masque that I use maybe once a week. It actually heats up when massaged with water so it’s really relaxing to use at night. It restores a ton of vitamins and minerals to your skin that we lose on a daily basis. Not to mention, it gives you extra glowy and soft skin the next morning.

Spa Cosmetics Firm Anti-Age Night Cream: I use this product after cleansing at night on my face and neck, just a little takes care of them both. It has really helped with my dry skin as well as the firmness of my skin, I notice most around my mouth and eye area.

It did take about half of the contained for me to notice a difference, but the difference was there! Plus, it is much less expensive then other products I have tried. They have an entire collection of this line that I want to try out.

Victoria’s Secret Body Lotion: I am a huge fun of really scented lotions as well as lotions that don’t leave any type of oily residue. I use this everyday after the shower. I have been using these lotions forever it seems like. My favorite scent has to be Moonlight Dream or Love Spell.image

Daily Facial  Moisturizer: I am in the need of a new daily moisturizer for my face.  I have not found one yet that I really love to use in the mornings and that still sits well underneath makeup.



Anyone have one that they just can’t live without? I would love suggestions!

*Cheers to getting that radiant skin glow on*