Over the past few months, I have been working on a series of skin care at Dermalogica here in Arizona. We have done four different skin care appointments total, each with the same types of treatment.

I had a series of skin care at Dermalogica over the past few months, and today I am sharing the before and afters, as well as all of the treatment details!

I am seriously amazed at the difference in my skin over the past few months, and I am so glad that I paid them a visit at the beginning of the summer to get this started.

*This was done in partnership with Dermalogica Scottsdale. All opinions on the treatment are my own. 

Skin Care At Dermalogica

A little back story on my skin. I have pretty dry-normal skin, with some oil and large pores in the center of my face. My biggest complaint, aside from wanting to look young forever, was the extreme amount of texture that I was having on my cheeks on chin. I hadn’t ever really experienced that before, but as I have gotten older more mature in the age department, my skin has started to change.

When I first saw Jacquelyn at the Scottsdale Dermalogica, she not only made me feel like my skin was actually really good, and the issues I was having were easy to fix, but she was also extremely informative about what could potentially be happening, how the treatments we would be doing would help, and the process behind them.

The entire experience, from start to finish, was extremely professional but also relaxing and fun. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different types of treatments and what she was doing every step of the way. Plus, the environment there is so friendly and calming, that it is easy to just enjoy yourself and relax while getting your treatments done.

The treatment plan that we followed is below. A huge thanks to Jacquelyn for writing this up! Her details are much better than mine:

I started with Precleanse Balm-our newest addition, is a deep cleansing balm to oil that melts away make up and impurities from the skin. It deconstructs layers of sebum, environmental pollutants, waterproof makeup, as well as product build up. It is Apricot Kernel Oil based with other essential oils like lavender, orange, and grapefruit. Very hydrating and conditioning, for normal-dry skin types.

For your second cleanse I used our Ultracalming Cleanser, a gel/cream hybrid to cleanse without stripping your skin’s barrier. It aids in calming and cooling redness, heat, and discomfort of sensitized or sensitive skin-I chose this particular cleanser due to the fact that I wanted to be gentle and hydrating. Hydration=quicker healing.

I then did Step 1 in our BioActive Peel, which is the 20% Salicylic Acid layer. The purpose of this potent beta-hydroxy complex helps maximize the penetration of peeling agents. Skin is left soft, smooth and free of inflammation — the perfect canvas for the ultimate peel. It De-greases the skin and helps slough off surface skin cells. Removes impaction plugs in follicles while calming existing breakouts. I massaged this layer for 5 minutes then buffed off for extra physical exfoliation.

We then moved into our Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion. This is a non-surgical procedure that is virtually painless. It sloughs off the dead and dull surface layers to improve imperfections such as poor skin texture, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Great for all skin types and skin concerns, even sensitive skin.

After that, Step 2 of our BioActive Peel. This is a blend of powerful enzymes that begin the peeling process. Breaks dead skin cell bonds with enzymes, digests keratin proteins, and dissolves excess build-up of skin cells. Stimulates cell turnover, collagen synthesis and exfoliation while helping accelerate cellular resurfacing and renewal with low irritation. I then neutralized the peel with our decelerator. Next we went into extractions of non-inflamed comedones (blackheads).

After that we applied our Niacinamide IonActive serum, a highly concentrated professional treatment serum that targets specific skin conditions. The Niacinamide IonActive Serum is great for your skin because it controls and prevents adult acne breakouts, and helps aid in decreasing hyperpigmentation. On top of the IonActive Serum we put on our Exothermal Gelloid Masque. This masque helps to penetrate the serum deeper into the skin, making it more effective. Once all applied we covered your eyes with goggles and turned on our LED light therapy. I chose a combination of red and blue light therapy for your skin concerns. The red light targets collagen and elastin resulting in smoother more plump skin. The blue light focuses more on hydrating and creating oxygen in the skin. When oxygen is created it kills bacteria living in breakouts.

Then, the High Frequency treatment. High Frequency utilizes an electrical current combined with argon gas emitted through a glass electrode. When the electricity and gas combine they form Ozone. Which in turn has a germicidal killing, healing and drying effect. Essentially it is killing, healing, and dying up break outs much quicker than the normal process.

I finished your skin with some of our multi active toner (oil free hydration, that aids in product penetration), skin hydrating booster (non-greasy hydrating serum), multivitamin power firm (firming, hydrating eye serum, great as an under eye primer) around the eyes, and some dynamic skin recovery (daily SPF 50 hydrating moisturizer, non-greasy, with anti-aging properties).

I was a little nervous after my first treatment, because my skin started to purge all of the junk out and it seemed like things were getting worse. However, after my second treatment, it started to really clear up and change! Just note, this is not an immediate fix. I think skin care is one of the most important things you can invest in, and getting multiple rounds of treatments that are catered to your skin is crucial to get the best results.

I have also been using strictly Dermalogica products over the past few months, to get the absolutely most out of my skin care at Dermalogica.

The products that Jacquelyn and Angela, the manager of this particular Dermalogica, recommended that I use for my skin type, are as follows:

Precleanse- This is an amazing oil that takes off your makeup before you wash your face. It works really well, and it did not clog my pores or cause me to break out.

Special Cleansing Gel- This is the cleanser that I use every morning in the shower, to get off any excess dirt and oils. I love how gentle it is, but it still does that job of leaving your face feeling clean, without it feeling stripped.

Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF– I like this for my daily moisturizer. It has SPF in it as well, which is perfect because you are getting two necessities in one!

Daily Microfoliant– This may be one of my favorite products in my regimen. I love how gentle it is, but also how soft it leave my skin feeling after. I have used many other exfoliants in the past that have broken me out and caused my sensitive skin to completely freak out. This product is AMAZING!

Overnight Retinol Repair– This product has been the cause of some major changes in my skin. It has been a huge help in clearing up the texture, without being too heavy or harsh. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to add Retinol to their skin care lineup.

Hydrablur Primer– I love this for before my makeup, because it creates a smooth canvas without making my skin feel too heavy or too oily.

My before and after photos really speak for themselves. You can see that there is an obvious amount of texture in the before picture, and that my skin looks so much smoother and clearer and in the after picture. There is a clip on Instagram right after I got my last treatment, and my skin is literally glowing!

A huge thanks to the team at Dermalogica Scottsdale for making my skin look beautiful, and for making the experience working with them so wonderful. This is something that I will continue to do because your girl’s skin is looking GOOD! 

If you are in the area, they are who you need to call for all of your skin care needs!

*Cheers to beautiful, glowing, youthful skin*