Seven months ago I had these babies… over half a year! That time just disappeared!

It has been a crazy, adventure filled few months. I am so thankful for these two little ones every day, but man, this has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life.

Seven Months Postpartum

seven months postpartum

At seven months, I can finally say that I have gotten back into my own routine again. I’ve been able to work out again 5-6 days a week, get back on a healthy eating plan, get some work in, and have even learned the importance of taking a break.

As far as the health stuff goes, I got more not so great news and I have to see another specialist… great. But, the news could have been worse and hopefully the results will come back and be fine. I’ll keep you all update on this. It’s looking like I am also going to have to make a choice about what to do with this fibroid, either get a hysterectomy or try to get rid of it in other ways. I am going to see an acupuncturist soon who seems fairly confident in her ability to shrink it, which would really help a ton of the issues going on.

Anxiety is an ugly beast, and I feel like it will just be hanging around, waiting for any trigger so that it can make my life miserable. Thankfully, I am learning to cope and deal with this much better then I was before.

I am at a point now where I have the routine of 4 children down. It’s what all of my life consists of now. So at this point in my postpartum journey, I am beginning to work on self discovery and trying to find myself again. The woman I once was seems so far gone, but I am doing my best to at least bring back bits and pieces of her.

That is probably the hardest challenge so far.

Twin Life at 7 Months Old

twins at 7 months

Let’s start with our sweet little Annabelle today. She is finally getting some chunk and is weighing in at around 16 pounds. She is army crawling everywhere, rolling all over, and almost sitting up. Her favorite foods right now are probably bananas.

annabelle eatingI know I mention this every time, but I have never met a baby that screeches like she does! This girl can scream! She is the sweetest little thing though, and her smile will make anyone’s day better.

Oliver, my little man. He is such a joy to have! He is weighing in at almost 19 pounds now (size 4 diapers, what?!) and is just a tank. He is who we have designated as the bully of the family because he just plows over anything and everything in his way. His favorite food at the moment is pears, and he HATES rice cereal with a passion. Who can really blame him though? He is so fast, crawling everywhere in a matter of seconds, and has started to pull himself up to stand on a lot of things. Already little dude? STOP GROWING SO FAST!


Both of the twins are transitioned into the crib now… and they are on team “no sleep”. I am going to cross my fingers and hope that this is all because of their teething and that they will eventually sleep. But for now, I am just going to remain one exhausted mama.

They love to sit on the floor and wrestle over toys, although Oliver almost always wins because he is so much bigger and he has no remorse for climbing all over his sister to get the toy he wants! It is absolutely hilarious to watch, until Annabelle starts crying that is.

*Here’s to our sweet little ones growing up before our eyes*

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