Are you all ready for this?

I am continually surprised at the quality of these wines I have found that are under or near the 5 dollar mark. This is the 4th round of Trader Joe’s wines that I have reviewed here and this one was probably the best one yet!

Spanish Red Wine

Tempranillo Red Wine

The 2013 Albero Tempranillo Spanish Red…Fancy bottle, fancy name, fancy taste. Everything about this Spanish red is just classy and wonderful. I have never tried a true Spanish Red Wine before, and I am beyond enthused about this particular bottle. Even more so because it was only $5.99. Please and thank you, I’ll take 5!

This wine comes out of an area near Valencia-Spain from one of Spain’s oldest wineries, circa 1335. (Feeling classy yet?) It is made with 100% organically grown grapes.

Smell: Bright and fresh with scents of ripe fruit, and some spice notes, possibly cinnamon.

Taste: There is a lot of cherry in this particular wine, with the added pleasure of some vanilla that gives it a more mellow and smooth sweetness. Slightly dry towards the end with a little bit of acidity, but very light.

This would be the perfect pasta wine. If you sat and imagined a delicious spaghetti with meat sauce, this would be the accompanying beverage in that dream world. It has a wonderful flavor at a medium intensity so it isn’t overbearing.

There is no way that if you gave this to me and said “I paid $6”, that I would believe you. You could potentially give someone the impression that you really knew a lot about wine and that you’re a very fancy person by bringing this over for dinner. They would think you spent a pretty penny.

I would give this 4.5 stars.

Sauvignon Blanc

Trader Joe’s 2012 Coastal Sauvignon Blanc is by far one of the best wines that I have reviewed from there thus far. It is fruity goodness in a bottle. Yes, it’s from California… but on the coastline, which makes it a little more acceptable. It comes with a $4.99 price tag.

Trader Joe's Coastal wine

I forgot to take a picture when the bottle was full… obviously, I enjoyed it.

Smell: Clean and crisp. Not necessarily completely like a green apple, as per a lot of similar wines, but more of peach with some floral and citrus scents. It’s like a fresh fruit basket that is sitting, waiting to be eaten.

Taste: It is slightly dry, but mostly crisp and fruity. You get some peach and a some sweet apple, mixed in with lemon or lime. The end and the aftertaste are where tart/citrus flavors really come out and then taper off. the There are some underlying tropical notes like and it also has a tartness too it, which I think balances the wine beautifully.

To me, it tastes and acts exactly as a Sauvignon Blanc should. Drink this slightly chilled, with a light seafood dish and you have a match made of delicious bliss! It get’s better with every glass. This wine gets 4 stars from me without hesitation. ****

We had two great wines this week! That always makes for a great review.

I am thinking about taking a little break from the Trader Joe’s series in a few weeks. I have been looking into getting a wine subscription (Yes, I know that sounds amazing) and doing the reviews on those wines.

Have you ever had a wine club subscription where they deliver new wines to you each month? What are your thoughts on them?

*Cheers to two wonderful wines that are equally as wonderful on my liver*