Moms are selfless, moms are generous, and moms give themselves fully – always in all ways. Because of this, moms often forget to show themselves the care that they constantly give to others. It’s important to remember that our capacity to love another corresponds to how much we love ourselves. Try these self care tips for moms to practice self-care and watch yourself turn into a happier mother (and a happier person in general!).


Self Care Tips For Moms

Exercise Regularly

With such busy routines and tight-knit schedules, it’s not easy to find time to squeeze in some exercise at the gym. Plus, whenever we do seem to find a free moment, we’re so exhausted that all we want to do is relax. Unfortunately, this is no excuse for skimping out on exercise. Not only is fitness a critical element of overall health, but exercise has been proven to release endorphins, elevate your mood, and stimulate your mind. Moreover, exercise improves brain elasticity, memory, and the ability to learn new skills. Try to spare one night a week cultivating a yoga routine, if possible. Yoga practice does wonders not only for your body, but also your mind and general well-being.

Otherwise, if you find yourself too busy or too tired to work out at gym or studio, take care of yourself with a couple, laidback exercises at home. To target the lower back, hips, buttocks, and belly, lie on the ground and do some baby bridges with hip thrusts. For an added challenge and extra fun, you can even place your child on your hips. Bicycles, mountain climbers, and upper-body dips are other exercises that make great at-home work outs. Remember that moving for even five minutes will get your heart pumping, oxygen flowing, and actually make you feel more energized.

Eat Better

While we make our children breakfast, get them ready for the day, gather them into the car and drive them off to school, it’s easy to completely forget to eat in the morning. Studies have shown that the morning meal is the most important of the day because it kick starts metabolism and provides the necessary energy our body needs after hours of rest and digestion. Make yourself a priority and be sure to have a bite on your way out the door, even if it’s just a banana or protein bar. Try to include more fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens into your day-to-day diet to supply your body with the nutrients it craves. These foods are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which should always be incorporated into your self-care routine.

Take Care of Your Skin

The signs of stress, aging, and fatigue are starting to visibly creep into your skin. Make skincare a part of your regular morning and/or nighttime rituals. Taking care of your skin should take no more than five minutes each day—there’s no reason a busy mom can’t work it into her schedule. Wash your face and moisturize daily to maintain a youthful appearance. Exfoliate twice a week to buffer fine lines and dead skin, and try a weekly ultra-hydrating face mask to keep your skin soft and elastic. Pick up an enhancing product like a redness neutralizer to give yourself the confidence you deserve. Make skincare fun, and try a DIY spa night once a month for you and your daughter.

Treat Yourself Kindly

It’s too common that moms beat themselves up over what they’re doing, not doing, or how to do something better. One of the most essential self-care tips for mom: treat yourself kindly. We need to be gentle to ourselves and each other. Women should take a step back and appreciate their accomplishments. Give yourself a break. While being productive may very well make you happy, try making your routine better-rounded. Give the cleaning a rest, and spend some time relaxing, indulging, and breathing—whether or not you think there’s time for it. Granting yourself a few moments for “me-time” every day will dramatically increase your happiness and optimism.

Practice mindfulness whenever possible, and resist getting caught up in the chaos and commotion of life’s daily hustle. Meditation works wonders for mental health and gaining perspective. When you make self-care a priority, you’ll be a better you—and a better mom, too.

*Cheers to taking care of ourselves and our families