Going to see Santa is a tradition for us, and I am that mom that has to have Christmas photos taken with jolly old St. Nick and my kiddos (they may or may not hate me later for that). Here in Arizona, we have something called Santa HQ, or Santa Headquarters, that gets set up in the malls around the area.

Going to see Santa is a tradition for us, and I am that mom that has to have Christmas photos taken with him every year. We love going to Santa HQ for this!

It is a mini Christmas town that you can walk through with your children while waiting for Santa. They have activities, fun games, and facts about the North Pole that will help make your children excited to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions on the venue and our visit there are 100% my own. 

Visiting Santa HQ for Christmas Time

We went to the Santa HQ at Scottsdale Fashion Square, which we have done for the past three years now. Every year, my children get a little bit braver, and the pictures get better.

Each Santa HQ location includes:

  • The traditional photo-op with Santa Claus
  • Elfie Selfie: Where visitors take a selfie and star in their own holiday video
  • Elf-Ray Vision: Guests can explore Santa’s Observatory through the use of special goggles that trigger a series of augmented reality experiences at multiple locations throughout Santa
  • HQ including two triggers at Entrance Arch; one trigger on exterior of the Workshop; Toy triggers underneath the Christmas Tree in the Workshop, and enhanced triggers in the observatory
  • Naughty or Nice Meters: Where visitors can stand next to an interactive board to find out which list of Santa’s they made
  • Light Show: With more than 10,000 individual holiday lights synchronized to the tune of “Carol of the Bells” to create an illuminated orchestra

My kids always have fun stepping on the naughty and nice scale to see who is going on Santa’s bad list. Of course, they ALWAYS end up on the nice list.

It is fun to watch them walk through and see all of the Christmas and North Pole themed décor and such that they have at Santa HQ.

Once you’re done walking through and enjoying a sneak peak into the North Pole, you get to meet Santa and his wife. They always have the BEST Santa at the Santa HQ we go to. They are always so sweet to the kids, they make them feel super special and safe, so they aren’t scared or nervous.

With my four kids, and the hundreds of others they see in a day, I am sure it is exhausting fot them to sit there and listen to everyone’s list of what they want for Christmas. But, they always take the time to do so, and they always give them some type of small little gift bag from Santa and the elves.

If you live in the area, I would highly recommend checking out one of the Santa HQ locations nearest you. The pictures are good quality, and they have a lot of different package options as well, including things like ornaments and other gift options.

With 15 different locations at Macerich Shopping Centers in California, Arizona, Chicago,Metro New York, and the Washington, D.C. corridor, there are plenty of places for you to check out this amazing display of holiday fun!

Do you take your kids to go see Santa every year? What is your favorite part about the experience?

*Cheers to photos with Santa, that sometimes only a mother could love*