With all of the craziness of the last few months, I have really been slacking on the wine reviews… I’m sorry! I really do love this day of the week because: i love wineMy sister-in-law had purchased a bottle of this for me right after I had the twins. I could only have the tiniest sip then, and my husband and mom drank the rest. They really took one for the team;) I do remember enjoying the little taste I had, so I thought I would get a bottle and really review it this time.

I know I’ve been reviewing a lot of reds lately… I apologize if you don’t like red wine. But, it’s a favorite of mine and as it starts getting into fall and winter, there will only be more of it!

H3 Merlot

h3 merlot

This is a 2012 Merlot from Columbia Valley, WA.

Bouquet: (I have actually been completely wrong in calling the smell of the wine “scent”, since the proper term is “bouquet”. We are getting fancy around here!) Spice and sweet cream combined with a hint of berry.

Flavor: This wine is creamy and smooth. There is a hint of a chocolate flavor along side the typical cherry notes of a Merlot. This wine also some some light herbal flavor to it which balances out the sweet notes of the cocoa and cherry.

This is an excellent, inexpensive wine that I could drink in one sitting. It is one of the better Merlot’s that I have tasted and it is just so smooth and enjoyable to drink. 4.5 out of 5, without a doubt!

I brought up an idea last Friday on Periscope about doing a bi-monthly or once a month Wednesday Wine Chat live on there. It would be fun to just sit and have a glass of wine in real time with you all. I could share my wine reviews on there, talk a little bit more about particular types of wine, or just have a glass of wine with friends (YOU!). Let me know if this is something you would be interested in joining in on. Our first one is tonight at 4 pm PST.

*Cheers to new wine and good friends*

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