Fruit salad is perfect for summer BBQ’s and an easy snack for kids who just got done playing outside in the heat. Thank you to Avery for sharing this yummy recipe with us:)

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Recently we acquired a large amount of strawberries. Our grocery store had them marked WAY down so I bought a large container … followed by my mother in law giving us TWO more containers only a few days later.

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We had to act fast on these so they wouldn’t go bad. So I got to thinking a delicious and healthy snack. This snack does have a lot of fruit so maybe eat it in the morning or right after a work out.

Simple Marshmallow Fruit Salad

I know what you’re thinking…healthy marshmallows?
We recently discovered a company called Walden Farms. Walden Farms puts out products that are calorie free, fat free, gluten free & sugar free. They have a large variety of dressings,  barbecue sauces dips and syrups.
So far we’ve tried quite a few of their products and liked them. One of the dips is called Marshmallow Dip. Sugar, gluten, calorie and fat free.
(Go ahead, read it again, it’s not a mistake!)


3 strawberries
1 cutie ( small orange)
1 apple (small)
1 tbs of marshmallow dip
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All you need to do is mix together gently in bowl …and enjoy!

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This is a great recipe for a sweet and guiltless treat and also makes a great snack for kids, as you can see:)texas GP 3

—————————————————————————————– That little one sure looks like he loved this salad! Thank you again for sharing this with us Avery. Go check out more yummy recipes from Avery on her blog.
*Here’s to refreshing summer dishes*

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