Don’t shoot the messenger… but it is about that time to get ready for heading back to school! Around here, school starts in the beginning of August, so we actually only have a few more weeks left before our oldest starts her very first year of schooling. We are preparing for kindergarten over here you guys, and I wanted to share some helpful tips and tricks for making life easier as school starts again.

*Thank you to Dickies and BraVoMark for partnering with me on this post. A big thank you to Oriental Trading Co for sending us school supplies also. Sometimes I work with brands that I completely stand behind to share some of their great products and services with you all. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Tips for Preparing for Kindergarten

  • Help your kiddo become aware of their emotions and their social anxieties: Heading to school, especially if they have never been before, can be extremely daunting and scary! One of the biggest things I am doing to help my daughter prepare for kindergarten is to help her understand her feelings about being nervous, and to work those feelings through until they turn into confidence about walking into her classroom that first day.
  • Prepare them for what their school setting will actually be like: You could do this by touring the school, taking them through a “mock’ first day, and introducing them to their teachers ahead of time. I have found that letting my kids play “school” and chatting with my daughter about the types of things she will be learning and the classes they have their (art, music) really gets her excited, and aids in getting over some of those nervous feelings.
  • Find sales on school supplies: I never realized how many school supplies kids need for kindergarten. For me, it was super helpful to be able to find a huge chunk of the supplies I needed in one place, and I didn’t even have to leave the house! I love Oriental Trading Company and their selection of supplies for students and for teachers. How cute is this personalized pencil pouch with her initials? 
  • Get uniform clothing in bulk: Growing up, I never went to a school where there was a dress code or uniforms. My daughter will be attending a traditional school, and there are pretty specific rules on what she can and cannot wear. We need ALL of the polos for her this year! I haven’t shopped for Dickies clothing in so many years, but they have fabulous finds for back-to-school and uniform needs. It can be tough, especially if this is your first year sending kids to school (raises hand), and you want to make sure that you are following all of the rules. They have girls polos for a great deal, and in the standard colors that most schools require for dress codes. My daughter also got the cutest backpack from them (that she picked our herself of course). If you are a mom of boys, or don’t need uniform attire, not to worry. They also have a ton of great options if you are looking for boy’s polos, cargo shorts, or graphic tees for kids that have free dress options!Dickies has phenomenal back-to-school promotional deals! Right now, you can save 20% off Boys & Girls Shorts and Tee Shirts. Offer is good 6/30 – 7/27! ​​Plus, on July 27th: Kids jeans – free shipping + buy one get one! 

What are some tips that you have for preparing for kindergarten, or just getting ready for back to school in general? 

*Cheers to getting our kids ready for this new school year

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