A few weeks ago, I shared my tips on how NOT to potty train with you. Let’s face it, I am just not a professional when it comes to this.

Someone saw my post and contacted me about trying this out and giving you all my honest thoughts and opinions on it.

My first thought was, “At this point, I will try anything to get this stubborn child to potty train!”

potty training tools

The Potty Rocker

“The Potty Rocker” is a potty training kit for kids that is supposed to make the act of going to the bathroom in the grown-up toilet much more fun and exciting.

It focuses on waiting until a child is ready to start potty training, and then making the process easier for both the parents and the kids.

The kit that I received came all wrapped up, with an adorable letter from “the potty rocker” to my daughter, that talked all about how they were ready to help her rock the bathroom. The character that is portrayed as the potty rocker is this blue rocker-esque, silhouette/cut out cartoon. potty training Inside the kit, it contains:

  • White sunglasses that are meant to make the potty trainee feel “cool” about potty training. potty rocker
  • A sticker for your toilet or bathroom mirror that easily comes on and off (seen in the main picture of this post). Also,  stickers for when they make achievements in their potty training goals.
  • Press-on tattoos that are aimed towards “cool” things about potty training.
  • A door hanger that says “ready to rock” and “privacy please” when you flip it over. This is to help the kiddos let everyone know when they are ready to use the bathroom or are in the bathroom. potty rocker 2
  • ExcreMINT Soap, which is a bar of mint soap with the message that “potty training stinks, but washing your hands shouldn’t”. The soap is all-natural and vegan. potty rocker
  • Rainbow Poop” which also has the recipe included. It is a non-toxic substance that creates a rainbow when you drop it in the toilet. My daughter thinks it’s awesome, so I guess that’s what matters:) potty training tools

Overall, I think the kit is an adorable idea. It comes with a lot of things that make potty training not as daunting and brings some fun into it for the little ones.

My daughter had a BLAST with the rainbow poop and the stickers. She calls the character “her potty rocker” and every time we try to go on the toilet she says, “Yea, let’s go potty with my potty rocker”. It makes me happy to hear this because I feel like we’re making some progress here!

We have also tried to make some of the “rainbow poop” based off the recipe ourselves and it’s really easy to do! Also, another incentive for her to use the toilet because she isn’t allowed to see the rainbow unless she does.

Some things that I wasn’t crazy about was the bar of soap. The name itself, while funny, isn’t that funny when trying to explain it to a toddler. The soap itself has a very intense smell and will make your entire bathroom minty fresh. A little too much for me.

The kit as a whole is adorable. I think they should make a girl version of “The Potty Rocker” as well. It may not be the perfect solution and solve all of our potty training problems, but it is a fun tool that helps with the process!

You can check out potty rocker kits for yourself on their website by clicking here.

*Here’s to doing whatever it takes to get this potty training business over with*

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*This is not a sponsored post. These products were sent to me for an honest review.