A few weeks ago, I gave birth to our beautiful twins, Oliver and Annabelle (you can read their birth story here). The recovery from that has been quite the process and there have been a lot of necessities in these last few weeks that I could not have lived without.

what you need after delivery

If you want a more in-depth look into my recovery, click the link to head over to last week’s post.

I have been able to make a list of the things that I really needed after the recovery and the things that didn’t really matter so much that I wanted to share with all of you mamas-to-be out there. I’ll be doing a separate list of twin necessities later on, but this post is all about the needs of moms!

Necessities For After You Give Birth

Depending on the type of birth that you had, there may be more specific things that you would need. However, these are things that I have used throughout all of my postpartum recoveries and that I think a mom, no matter what her birth story, could use.

  • Easy to wear clothing items: Not like you will be headed out of the house on many dates or outings in those first weeks of recovery, but I am sure you will have plenty of visitors and will want to look somewhat decent. Having things like yoga pants that aren’t too worn in, but also have a band that can fold up and offer more support for your shrinking tummy are really important. I pretty much lived in those the first week and just threw on different v-neck tees from Target Maternity that were soft and easily accessible to breastfeed in. I also love shift and t-shirt dresses, like  this striped dress from Target. target tee shirt dressThey are not only easy to throw on and they don’t rub if you have had a c-section, but you can dress them up a little more if you are brave enough to leave the house. Plus, v-necks are perfect for breastfeeding mamas!
  • Belly Binder: These are a life saver no matter how you gave birth. They are great for mom’s who have delivered vaginally because they help the uterus contract back more quickly and help in breastfeeding posture. They are AMAZING for c-section recoveries because they not only do that above mentioned, but they also help support and protect the incision which is an absolute necessity! I use the one that the hospital gave me, but also the Belly Bandit which is my favorite and one that I packed with my in my hospital bag (click to see what else I packed).
  • Spray bottle: Do NOT underestimate the power of those spray bottles that they give you at the hospital. C-section mom’s won’t really be able to bend over enough when they use the restroom and mom’s that gave birth vaginally will need this to help really clean up down there… it’s not pretty. I am not kidding when I say that I could not be without this the first week or so of my recovery.
  • Full coverage underwear: Don’t think for one second that wearing lacy, pretty underwear that makes your butt look good will be what you reach for during postpartum recovery. Nothing about this time will fit those specific types of undies. You need some comfortable underwear that you can wear pads with, because everyone has to wear pads for some amount of time after they give birth. You’ll also want them to be pairs that you do care too much about keeping for a long period of time after you use them during the recovery.
  • Nipple Cream: If you are breastfeeding, this speaks for itself. I love the Laniosh cream or the Earth Mama Angel Baby Butter. Don’t forget boxes and boxes of breast pads as well!
  • Witch Hazel Spray or Pads: If you gave birth vaginally, or started the pushing process, you will thank me later for these! They help to ease the stress down there that was caused by pushing. They really soothe and reduce swollen and sensitive areas of you lady parts.
  • Help: I am the type that usually likes to do everything myself. I’m very independent, like things done a certain way, and would rather just do it all on my own. However, TAKE THE HELP! You will be tired, you will have a lot more on your plate, and you will need it. Even if it’s just a meal being brought to you or someone offering to come over for a little while and clean something, say “thank you” and accept it without hesitation.
  • Sleep: I said necessities, as in “you should have these”… not things you will for sure get during the 4th trimester:)postpartum

What would you put on your “postpartum necessities” list?

*Here’s to the end of pregnancy and the beginning of life with your baby*

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