Over the past year and a half or so, I have gotten really into a steady work-out routine and exercising has now become a part of my daily life. When I first started, I didn’t really have the nutrition part and the exercise part balanced correctly. My meal planning and post work-out snacks were struggling to say the least. I still had the mind-set that eating a way less and working out would help me get the figure that I was striving for after I had my second daughter.


I quickly realized that you need to fuel your body in order to get the results that you want. My nutrition is so much better now, thankfully. Since I have had the twins, I have really been working hard to get my body back into the shape it was… which is NOT easy by any means.

But, I do believe this starts in the kitchen. My post work-out snacks/meal was the area that I really wanted to figure out in terms of what was the best and what I really liked.

post work-out snacksIt is really important not to grab for something packed full of stuff that isn’t good for you after your exercise. You want to refuel your body with the best nutrients possible. I know for mom’s, it’s easy to work-out and then quickly grab for whatever your child is eating… Put down the PB&J or the goldfish crackers.

Don’t do it!

I thought I would share some of my favorites in this area and what I would really recommend as good eats for after your work-out routine, what ever that may be.  I tend to exercise in the mornings, so a lot of these options are geared towards that, but I have included options that you could use any time of the day as well. You want to grab something that is a high protein snack, because the will really help to replenish all of that energy you just burned.

Post Work-Out Snacks

  • Smoothies: My favorite thing that I like to have after a work-out is a green smoothie. I find that they are great for recovering after a workout, especially in terms of re-hydrating and replenishing my energy. Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes.
  • Eggs: I love having eggs after my work-out. Whether it’s an egg white omelet, eggs on whole wheat toast or some hard-boiled eggs, I think that they are a great source of protein and a super filling option for after a workout. Not to mention, eggs are delicious and can be made in so many ways and to fit so many different tastes.
  • Oatmeal: This is great for when you’ve had a really strenuous strength-building work-out or HIIT work-out and you need some carbs and protein. I love including chia and flax seeds, as well as topping mine with some fresh berries, or cutting up some apple and throwing it in there with some cinnamon. You can also have this before any of those intensive workouts for an energy boost.
  • Protein Bars: I have never been a huge fan of most protein bars, because I think they usually contain a lot of extra junk in them, like tons and tons of sugar. But recently I’ve been introduced to these Protein Pucks, and I am in love. They are a great source of protein, fiber, energy and necessary carbs after an intense work-out. These little guys are also really tasty and have great ingredients in them like; flax-seed, all natural peanuts ground to peanut butter, whole rolled oats and agave nectar. Plus, they are gluten-free and vegan! You can go to the Protein Puck website to find out more:) They also sell these on Amazon.
  • Cottage Cheese + Fruit or Cucumbers: Weird combination, I know. But cottage cheese on its own, with some fresh fruit like pineapple, or one top of cucumbers with a little pepper is seriously so fulfilling after exercising. This is my favorite after a lighter, more focused work-out, like yoga.
  • Almonds: These are my go-to if I had eaten before a workout and I’m just looking for a snack. Protein packed and they fill me up!

What is your favorite snack to have after a work-out?

*Cheers to staying healthy and enjoying the benefits*

joanna at motherhood and merlot