Can you believe we are half way through summer?! It is crazy that we are already in mid-July. Next month, we are headed to Vegas again for my sister’s birthday. I am in need of a mom getaway without a doubt! While we are there, we are headed to Liquid at the Aria, and I have some pool party necessities that I am sharing with you all today.

Pool Party necessitiesNow, some of this may seem obvious, but more times than not, I forget something! Isn’t that always the case?

Plus, it’s Vegas… and I just like to be a little bit “extra” at times 😉

Pool Party Necessities

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Swimsuit: Hello, Captain Obvious. Make sure that when you are packing your swimsuit for the event, especially if it’s too far away from your house to run home or if you’re out-of-town, just pack two! Then on the day of, wear the one that you feel the most comfortable in. Don’t got for some scantily clad bikini if you are going to be adjusting and feeling self-conscious.

You can find a list of the 10 Best Swimsuits on Amazon here, and find one perfect for the season!

Confidence is beautiful no matter what kind of swimsuit you have on! I think that we as women can and do look beautiful no matter the amount of skin that we are showing (or not showing). 

Accessories: Ladies, when you are outside for extended periods of time make sure to protect your head! The sun beating down on you for hours can do some damage to your hair, especially if it’s dyed (like most of us are). It can cause discoloration not to mention the damage on the actual hair, not pretty. I read this article on sun damage to the hair just before I left and almost immediately went to find a sun hat right after. I find a lot of these Women’s Summer Hats on Amazon, and big hats are always on trend in the summer:)

_10323593Sunnies: The other important accessories to have is sunglasses. We don’t want to have premature wrinkles before our time, and even if your face is already showing those little lines of a life well lived, making sure to cover them with sunglasses is still important.

Personally, I do not like to bring anything super expensive with me when I go really busy places where I won’t be holding on to my things every second. I get worried about losing or breaking them and I just don’t want that drama playing in my head while I am trying to enjoy myself! But, I still want them to look chic and stylish… don’t we all?! The sunglasses from Quay are MY FAVORITE and they aren’t overly expensive, while still being excellent quality. These two are my favorite: Midnight Runner, High Key .

The Right Shoes: We all know that wearing wedges with your swimsuit will make your legs look longer, stronger and just more fantastic all around. But, wearing heels for 7 hours outside in the heat while you’re dancing or going in and out of the water… that is just asking for a blister.

This is my Instagram post showing some of my favorite shoes for the season! Shop it by clicking the photo below.

Pack a pair of cute flats in your bag also! There’s no need to be in pain while you are outside trying to enjoy yourself. Super comfortable, easy to slip on and off, but still fashionable.

Skin Necessities: We all want to be bronzed and beautiful but that sun is not good for our beautiful, female skin! If you are going to be outside with the sun beaming down on you, especially in really hot climates like where I live, then make sure to slap some kind of skin protectant on. Trust me, you will still get some color with it on, it will just be a light tan rather than a lobster red (which is not so cute). View this list of my current favorite skin care items and summer beauty necessities. 

Check out my Beach Bag Essentials for a list of all of the makeup items you might need to take to your next pool party or outdoor event.

Hope you all enjoy your pool parties, beach parties, and outdoor fun!

Are there any other pool party necessities you can’t live without when attending an event like this?

*Heres to having fun in the sun*

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