Winesday… one of my favorite days of the week lately! Last week, I got the change to review a delightfully tasty Pinot Grigio. So I figured, why not stick with the Pinot trend and go for a Pinot Noir. These are by far the best form of red wine, in my opinion. I would drink these over any other type of wine, hands down. Something about red wine makes me feel like a super classy and sophisticated lady, would you agree? Lets dive into this wonderful glass of wine! (or bottle… remember there are no judgements here)

Pinot Noir- Wine of the Week

This week when I went shopping for a wine to try, I decided to go for something that I had never had the pleasure of trying before. I wanted to come at it with a completely new and unbiased opinion so that I would be on the same page as others who read this review and go try it for the first time as well.Pinot Noir Wine Review

This particular Pinot Noir is by Blackstone Winery. They are based in, you guessed it, California. This bottle was a 2012. I had it with dinner and the first drink I had was, eh, not so fantastic, but palatable. Don’t let this turn you off quite yet!

I wanted to make sure that it was not the food pairing throwing it off so I waited to have more until after I was finished eating. Bingo! The second try was much better!

Note to all who try this, it does not really go well with foods that have a strong herb flavor. I was eating a chicken in a herb/pesto type sauce and the pairing was… less than desirable.

On the Blackstone Winery website, they do have a list of food pairings for each of their wines, which I think is a neat addition. They also claim that they have “America’s Best Merlot”… Stay tuned for that review because that title is just too bold not to review it!

It has a definite black cherry flavor to it with what my husband and I thought was a pepper finish. After looking at the bottle, it stated that this was actually nutmeg, something I have never had in a wine before so I thought it was an interesting combination. I feel like it has a drier finish than most Pinot Noirs, which on taste buds almost always finish with sweet notes. But, with the sweet/spicy flavor that the nutmeg gave the wine I think it actually worked to have it not as sweet.

This wine also has notes of raspberry and vanilla. The vanilla is more prominent alongside the nutmeg flavors then the raspberry is and this is probably because black cherry is such a big flavor and I don’t usually find raspberries to be.

I purchased this wine for around $12 from Albertsons, which I think is a fairly decent price for the flavor quality of the wine. I was not really sold by the bottle when I grabbed this wine, which is unusual for me because I usually go for bold or fancy or unique bottling. This one is pretty simple, dark bottle, beige label with the Blackstone logo and a picture of grape leaves I assume, which is their signature label. Its simple but elegant.

Overall, this wine is great for an after-dinner drink! It seems to be one of those that you can only have one glass in a sitting, but for the price and flavor I think it’s a pretty good choice especially for those that do no like overly sweet red wines.

Go try it out and let me know your thoughts! You can check out my list of favorite wines and see if this one makes the cut. I add the ones I review each week and some may or may not get bumped off if I find something better:)

*Cheers to getting over the mid-week hump*