I can’t believe this is the first Malbec I have reviewed here! They are one of my favorite red wine types, especially when I am in the mood for something really bold and different. They are usually much more on the savory side when compared to a sweeter Pinot Noir or something along those lines.

What is your favorite type of red wine?

Phebus Malbec 2013

malbec wine review

This wine is from Argentina at the Fabre Montmayou Wine Estate. The 2013 blend was one that I received in a gift set over Christmas, which I believe was found at Total Wine & More. It can be purchased for around $11.

Smell: Sweet with a lot of berry notes

Taste: Plenty of raspberry flavors with a touch of spice and an earthy finish towards the end, but “robust flavors” are pushing it with the description of this wine. It was much too sweet for me and not enough spice. Disappointing! I was ready for a nice, strong, spicy Malbec and this was just not it. It does not have a bad flavor by any means, but for the particular wine blend it wasn’t my favorite in the least. I would only give this a 2.5 for being a Malbec, and a 3 for wine in general.

I am sad to report that this wine was not a winner… better luck next time Malbecs!

Is there a particular wine you would like to see reviewed? Let me know in the comments below.

*Cheers to finding a better, spicier wine next time*

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