Every year, Pantone comes out with a color of the year that covers everything from beauty products, to clothing, to home decor.

This year, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Marsala.

color of the year

This color is absolutely beautiful. I obviously could not resist posting about it because;

  1.   It is a color that can be used in so many different ways.
  2. It is a universally flattering shade for many different skin tones and types.
  3. It is a color that both men and women can wear.
  4. Marsala is a type of wine… no explanation needed there as to why I personally LOVE it.

This color is described as an earthy, wine red color with a hint of natural warmth.

You could almost put this shade in a “neutrals” category because it could be used and paired with some many other shades and colors.

I’m going to give you some products from my own collection that I think really fit this color perfectly.

Color of the Year: Marsala


From left to right: “Captive” by MAC and “Mauvy Night” by Revlon, “Verve” by MAC, “Touch of Spice” by Maybelline.

marsala All of these colors fit into what the Marsala color family seems to be. The first two, “Captive” and “Mauvy Night” have a little bit more berry in the, then the Marsala color has, although they are very similar. “Verve” is a little bit darker and more brown, but the color is dead-on aside from the shade. “Touch of Spice” is the closest to Marsala and only has a touch more pink than the red compared to the Marsala swatch.


From left to right: “Country Girl” by Makeup Geek and “Bitten” also by Makeup Geek.

marsala eyeshadowsMakeup Geek shadows are some of my favorites. If you checked out my “Favorites of 2014″ these were at the top of the list! “Country Girl” is the perfect Marsala shade. It is an earthy brown-red color that almost matches exactly with the color of the year. “Bitten” has more of a cranberry red undertone but still contains those similar color notes that the Marsala shade has.

Clothing: I think this shade is one that can be worn on any type of skin tone and with any outfit. From a dress to a casual top, it would be beautiful paired with so many things. The color was seen all over the runway for Spring/Summer 2015 fashion as well as on the red carpet.

Take a look at these “Fashionable Ways to Wear Marsala” from the NY Post.

This color can be paired with other neutrals, like black and shades of brown. It could also be paired with a brighter color, maybe a shirt with this as accents somewhere in your accessories. I also think it would look beautiful with pastels as well as earthy colors, like a deep olive green. YES!

As for home decor, I would absolutely paint a room in my house this color or find some accent pieces that are in the Marsala shade. It could be used with the most modern of decor filled with stainless steel accents and very sleek designs, as well as an extremely traditional home with a lot of wood in the decor and deeper colors.

Do you love this color or is it not something you prefer? Let me know in the comments:)

*Cheers to the beautiful color of the year and the wine it’s named after*

joanna at motherhood and merlot