With there only being about 3 weeks left before our twins make their arrival, it is crunch time to getting all of the last-minute things prepared and ready. I am the type of person that needs things completely finished at least a month before whatever I am preparing for is going to happen.

Everything you need to bring when packing a hospital bag for twins.When I was first pregnant with my oldest, I brought so many unnecessary items in my bag with me to the hospital that I never even took out or even thought about using. Because of this, I thought it might be helpful (and fun) to share the things that I am taking to the hospital this time based on my past experiences with hospital deliveries.

Keep in mind that this is for a normal delivery and stay at the hospital, not for extended stays or babies that have to be in the NICU for a long period of time. We still don’t know if I will have to have a c-section or not because of the position of our Baby A, so I packed for a vaginal delivery with the possibility that we may have to be there longer.

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Packing A Hospital Bag For Twins

Packing Personal Bag: I put all of the things that I wanted/needed to take to the hospital for myself and for my husband in this large all day organizing tote from Thirty One (full review here).

hospital bagI love this bag for so many reasons, but for a hospital bag it is so perfect! It’s big, zips closed, and is made of easy-to-clean canvas material.

packing bag for hospital birth

  • Clothing:
    • 2 Nightgowns from Target- you’ll want something easy to throw on after delivery that isn’t a hospital gown, but also something that gives the nurses easy access since they come in to check on you every hour.
    • Flip Flop’s Like These for the shower/walking around in.
    • Two pairs of socks with grips on the bottom for labor and after from Toe Talk
    • Two pairs of underwear that you really don’t care about- this is a ‘just in case” item. I have always found that the mesh ones they provide at the hospital work great because you can just throw them away and not worry about them. Some people can’t stand those though.
    • Nursing bra from Leonisa
    • T-shirts and loose pants- Don’t try to get fancy and wear jeans or something. No one cares that you look like crap after you had a baby and you will not be comfortable in anything but really, really easy clothing. I also packed a maxi skirt from Stitch Fix Maternity and an easy tank top in case we are there for more days than expected and I wanted to wear something comfortable but cute when we finally get to go home. COMFORT IS KEY! Check out more of the best places to buy maternity clothes here.
    • T-shirts and gym shorts for my husband- they will most likely be there just as long as you and will need some fresh, comfortable clothes as well.
  • Belly Bandit- I discovered this during my last pregnancy and just love it! You put it on right after delivery (can also be used over c-section scars) and it helps shrink your uterus back down and strengthens your abdominal muscles. It’s also great for posture problems and back pain in those first days of breast-feeding and sleeping upright in the hospital bed.
  • Nursing pads, even though they will probably have some at the hospital. I like to bring a couple of my preferred brand with me. I like the disposable, but they also have reusable pads like these Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads.
  • Nipple cream- Breast-feeding can be quite painful right off the bat, so I always find that having my favorite kind of cream with me to help with cracks and soreness is a necessity. I love the Laniosh brand as well as this nipple butter Earth Mama Angel Baby.
  • Small sizes of lotion, deodorant, body wash (also shampoo/conditioner if you want), dry shampoo and lip balm (your lips will be hating you from the labor process, so some type of lip blam/chap stick is a MUST). I didn’t wash my hair while I was at the hospital because who has that time and energy? A mini dry shampoo was great for this reason. But if you have an extended stay, I’m sure you will want to. Having my own body wash that didn’t smell like a hospital was amazing, and simple lotion that isn’t scented very strongly is nice because I always feel so dry in the stale hospital air.
  • Hair brush, hair ties/pins
  • Beauty essentials- I may get grief for saying this, but I always carry makeup with me. The hospital is no exception. With people coming in and out of your room, pictures being taken, etc… I want to bring some of my essential make-up products with me so that I can feel somewhat normal even though my body will be far from that. If I had to pick a top three to bring, it would be travel size facial moisturizer, powder foundation from IT Cosmetics (easy to put on with good coverage) and mascara. All really simple things to throw on, but they will help you feel a little more put together normal alive.
  • Computer/Cell phone charger- MUST HAVE
  • Healthy snacks/energy drinks- The energy drinks are for my husband so he doesn’t have to constantly run out for things or to the vending machines. The healthy snacks are so you can get some energy back up after delivery without having to settle for junk food from the vending machines.
  • Thank-you cards/gifts for the staff- I have done this every single time and I think it just helps to show the staff that took so much care of you and your little one(s) some appreciation for that. I write out the cards ahead of time (3 for changing shifts/different floor staff) and bring an equal number of small gifts. Things like Starbucks gift cards or a nice box of chocolates are great options. I love this design of these Thank You Cards.
  • Birth Plan- Pack a few copies.

Packing the Diaper Bag: I just recently got this new diaper bag from Skip Hop called the Chelsea 2-in-1 Downtown Chic Diaper Tote and I just love it. I am not one to carry around of use anything that actually looks like a classic diaper bag.

hospital bag 1

This is a beautiful design, sleek black and gold coloring, and it is made really well. Plus, it has plenty of room for the needs of two babies (or just one), because you can expand the center or keep it zipped so the bag is more compact.

I have learned from my other two birth experiences that you really don’t need to bring much for the baby, or babies in our case, because most hospitals provide you with so many of the necessities.

baby necessities for hospital

  • Outfits for Hospital: 1-2 for while they are at the hospital and a going home outfit. Some people will bring additional outfits if they are going to have photos taken at the hospital or don’t know what the weather will be like (I know it will be HOT). I packed these little sleepers from Carter’s for the time we are at the hospital because they are nice and cozy for the little ones. I also packed little onsie/pants outfit for each of them as well and extra onsies just in case we are there for more than a day… fingers crossed we aren’t!
  • Going Home Outfits: These matching gowns and hats are from an Etsy shop called “The Iron Tractor” and I ADORE them. going home outfits for twins
  • Diapers/Wipes: The hospital provides you with so many wipes and diapers when you are there, so I really don’t see the need to bring more than a handful of diapers and a small pack of wipes, and that isn’t a necessity at all. As you can see, I don’t bring any. You usually get sent home with a bunch of extras as well, which is great!
  • Baby Nail Clippers: This is something that I have always forgotten but am bringing for sure this time. Their little nails are pretty sharp and jagged when they are born and the hospital never has clippers that you can use. This isn’t a necessity if you plan on using baby mittens, but neither of my girls would really wear those in the first few days so I am not going to count on them, although I am packing one pair for each of them just in case. Get an entire Baby Healthcare And Grooming Kit here.
  • Baby Books: I always bring my little one’s baby book with me to the hospital for foot prints or writing down important information in while I’m there. Thank you Type A personality!
  • Light blankets for going home: This will depend on the weather, but since I know it will be hot I just packed two of these light blankets from Carter’s for the trip home.

These are all of the things that I know I will be using at the hospital. You may need to adjust based on your hospital stay, whether you are having a planned c-section, how many baby’s you are having, etc… Don’t forget to have you car seat’s installed and ready to go also!

What were/are your hospital bag necessities?

*Here’s to bringing home healthy, beautiful babies and to (hopefully) short hospital stays*

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