Ever since I made the huge change to my nutrition, I’ve really gotten into eating organic and finding out where the products I am ingesting come from. Personally, I think it makes a big difference in food quality and cleanliness.

So, this week at Sprouts, I found an organic, vegan-friendly Pinot Noir that I really wanted to try. I thought it would be something new and different, and I have never branched out from organic foods into organic beverages!

I was also reading in an article on AskMen that Pinot Noir is one of the hardest wines to make. The reason it’s so tough to make is “because the skins on the grapes are very thin, so the conditions of the picking have to be perfect.” I mean, if all that hard work that was put into it doesn’t make me want to drink it more, I don’t know what will!

Organic Pinot Noir

This 2012 Pinot Noir is from Pacific Redwood out of Redwood Valley, CA. It is certified organic, with no added sulfites or artificial preservatives and made with organically grown grapes. No extra junk, sounds pretty great already!

Love at first sight with this bottle happened because of the picture on the label. As you can see, there is this big beautiful tree with a gorgeous scene of mountains and a body of water behind it! Ah, what I wouldn’t give for that view! I currently live in photoArizona, which has its own unique beauty. But, I was born on the East Coast (ocean baby) and I was raised in Washington state, surrounded by green! So, this bottle kind of just stole my heart and gave me that comfort-wine feeling. Plus, unique bottles are really a selling point to a lot of people I think if you are on the hunt for a new wine.

This wine is full of flavors and different levels that will hit your taste buds. I tasted blackberry right away. There is a sweetness but it has that tart balance as well. it honestly reminds me of biting into a blackberry! It is EXTREMELY smooth and easy to drink… dangerous I know. It is not overpowering at all and it just gives a really pleasant drinking experience. I would imagine drinking this at a cabin looking at a lake, accompanied by some wonderful cheese or hummus plate. Yes please!

The bottle states that is a mixture of berries and spice with a floral finish. You get the hint of spice towards the end and it is almost like a little bit of that spice, I would compare it to nutmeg, leaves this light taste in your mouth after you swallow.

The only think about this wine that I did not particularly enjoy was the floral finish. I just don’t think this finish suits my own taste very well, but if you enjoy that, you would love this wine!

I paid $8 for this wine on sale! CRAZY! On their website, they sell this wine for $18 a bottle. So, for an organically grown, vegan-friendly, organically made red wine, that was also a fantastic price, I absolutely give it 4 stars! I believe that Trader Joes also has a big selection of organic wines, so that will be a great place to find my next review I think!

*Cheers to comfort wines*