It is 2016… it is 2016… it is 2016.

Does anyone else have this on repeat in their mind? I am welcoming this year with open arms!

one word for 2016

It is insane that another year flew by so quickly. I was looking through old photos from the past years, as I usually do when I’m feeling especially nostalgic, and I came across a picture of my oldest as a newborn. I can still remember that day like it just happened.

She will be FOUR in March! 

Time flies, and life changes so quickly with it.

I have seen this “your one word for the year” photo or question popping around on social media and on some of the blogs I follow. I had seen it in previous years as well, but never to the extent that it is this year. It’s EVERYWHERE!

It actually makes much more sense to me in starting out the new year, versus resolutions which many of you know I do not do. (You can read why I don’t make resolutions here)

My One Word For 2016



It was surprisingly easy for me to choose this word as a foundation for this new year. I’ve had a lot of life changes and unexpected things thrown my way in 2015, some easy and some… not so much. 

It was hard to see through the haze of the hardships in 2015. I had (and am still having) a really difficult postpartum recovery, which caused my journey in the last part of the year to be a pretty bumpy ride. When you are going through times of struggle, it can be extremely difficult to maintain your faith and set your eyes on the things above and the things ahead.

I want to start this new year in the mind-set that you have to take life as it comes, and have faith that things will happen exactly as they are supposed to.

I want to have faith in God that all of the trials, hardships, good times, and joyful moments are all happening under His watchful eye, and that they are all occurring exactly as they should be.

Faith comes in many different sizes. You can have faith in yourself, faith through your religion, faith in you spouse, faith in your friends for support. My goal is to practice having faith in all of these things.

I say this with the complete intention to practice this word and to make it my foundation for this new year. However, I know that’s not going to be easy.

Control freak, party of one. 

But, it will be worth it!

What is your one word for 2016?

*Cheers to having faith in it all in 2016*

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