I’m back again with my second Ipsy Bag review. You can check out last month’s review of Ipsy here if you are interested.

I have to say that this month was not as good as I hoped for, although there was one product in here that I am in love with.

ipsy bag review

November Ipsy Bag

Let’s start with the products I LOVED out of this month’s bag.

ClariSEA SeaSalt Solutions Face Scrub

ipsy bag

I really didn’t think I was going to like this product. It’s a powder form of a salt scrub that you combine with either water or your facial cleanser to create a scrub.

It doesn’t have much of a smell to it at all, which I am glad about. It does taste like salt if you accidentally get it into your mouth or scrub around your lips with it. I am the type that prefers sugar scrub over a salt scrub typically but this one was really nice. I mix it in with my cleanser about 3 nights a week. It leaves your face feeling so smooth, it doesn’t cause any breakouts, and it really helps with those tough problems areas that leave texture right under the surface of your skin. I have some hormonal stuff happening on my chin and this product is really helping to clear it up. Absolutely love it! I will probably purchase a full size. You do have to use quite a bit (about the amount that’s in my hand in the photo), but it is well worth it.

be Delectable Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream from cakebeauty

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Another one I didn’t think I would enjoy as much as I have. I don’t like getting a lot of lotions because I have sensitive skin and I am really picky about the texture and consistency of lotion. If it leaves you greasy at all, or it evaporates immediately like water, no thank you.

This lotion literally smells like lemon pound cake. Sweet, sugary and lemony. It is so delicious! It is a combination of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera mixed in with whatever makes it smell so tasty. It is a very good size at 2 oz for it being a “sample”. The lotion itself is thick but not greasy. It leaves your skin feeling and smelling so soft and so nice without leaving behind a ton of lotion residue. Perfect for a purse or by the sink for after doing dishes or the bathroom, especially during this time of year when skin tends to just dry up like the desert.

Starlooks Ultra Olive Eye Liner Pencil

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This product was just okay. It is a full size, which is nice. I am not a huge fan of eyeliner pencils that you have to sharpen because I always seem to get sharp edges on them. The color is really pretty, a shimmery olive-green with champagne colored sparkle. It’s great for my brown eyes. The texture of the pencil itself is pretty creamy and it doesn’t seem to drag too much or be too dry when applying it. I’m not mad about this one:)

Temptu Pro Highlighter in Pink Pearl

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I am not even sure what to think about this product… You can’t really use it as a liquid highlighter because it doesn’t show up. If you mix it in with foundation, it adds a slight glow to the skin but not much. I think that you could build it up on the cheeks if you waited in between each layer for it to dry, but this would have to be done really carefully so that you didn’t get a cakey mess on top of your makeup because it is extremely runny. Did anyone else get this product? Am I just using it completely wrong?

Wonder Lip Paint in “Mad Splatter” by J.Cat Beauty

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Let me start by saying that this may be a product that other people absolutely love! For me, it just wasn’t good. I have really sensitive skin and can’t use a certain types of products because they make my skin react in crazy ways. I thought that this would be similar to the Melted Lip products by Too Faced or maybe even the OCC Lip Tars. But the second I put it on and then wiped it off, by lips hated me. They dried up so bad within an hour. This product also stains EVERYTHING so make sure that you use a lip brush or something because if it gets outside your lips, everyone will know. The color of this product is a really pretty bright berry-fuchsia color and I wish I loved the actual product as much as the color.

I was not thoroughly impressed with the bag this month. Out of all the products, I really only loved two of them. One was just alright and the other two were kind of a disaster, for me personally. But, I would pay well over $10 for a full size of that salt scrub and the lotion, which I guess makes the box worth it in a way.

What was in your Ipsy this month?

As always, if you are interested in checking out Ipsy for yourself, you can go through my link here.

*Cheers to monthly goodie bags*

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