I finally took down the last of our Christmas decor… yes, I am that person! It makes me so sad to say goodbye to this season and enter the season of January, aka gray nothingness.

In honor of the end of the magical season, I wanted to share about our trip to The North Pole. Well, The North Pole Experience;)

Our kids had a blast there and so did I! I may have even liked some of the parts more than they did. This trip was a birthday present from my in-laws and I was ecstatic! We had talked about going for years before this, and it really was an amazing time.


The North Pole Experience

The beginning of the experience starts in Flagstaff, AZ which thankfully gets a lot of snow! It was a winter wonderland when we went up there. The day spent playing in the snow might have been one of our best memories since my kids have never really been able to play in the snow.

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Our experience was at night, so we got on the bus which takes you through the “North Pole portal”. Our girls were a little bit too young for this part I think because it got a little bit scary when the lights flashed and the bus started shaking. All for the experience I guess:) The way back after the North Pole was a little bit better for my 3-year-old and she wasn’t as scared that time. Our 2-year-old isn’t scared of anything so she had no issues!

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They really go all out on decorations! The first room that you enter was filled with old school toys that they really don’t make anymore or classic toys that were so awesome to see. I really loved that room.

IMG_1549 copyIMG_1585 copy

Then, the kids got to go into the toy shop and help “make toys”. This was the only room that I thought could have been a little better. The kids each got a bear to dress and then they got a Nerf gun to mess around with. They didn’t get to keep the bears though, because the idea was that they were helping Santa make them for others. I totally get that and I love the message but it was hard for my girls to understand.

They then got to help send toys up into the present room where they got packed for the sleigh. This was kind of just a space filler I think. The next room was to see Mrs. Claus in the bakery where they got to eat cookies and have “snowman soup” (hot chocolate). This was a great little snack and pause for our very tired girls.

IMG_1677 copy

Elf school was next and while the “head elf” was funny, it was really hard to hear him if you were in the back of the room. I, of course, was back there with the twins in the stroller because every room was packed full once everyone got in there! But of course, we couldn’t let the twins miss out on the fun;)

IMG_1587 copy

Then the girls got to go sign their “honorary elf” paperwork and write letters to Santa before going in to see the big guy.

He was the best part! This Santa was absolutely amazing. He took as many pictures as we wanted (which you get for free), and he even let my little one take him off his chair and lead him around for a little while. He was so sweet to our girls. Loved this part!

The one thing I would do differently next time is to make or experience earlier in the evening (we didn’t start until after 7pm), because our girls were exhausted at the end, and even in the middle our 2-year-old was falling asleep in the bakery.¬†Overall, it was a lot of fun. They really go all out on the decorations and such. I wish it was a little bit less rushed so that the kids could enjoy each part a little more. But otherwise, I would absolutely go back!

*Cheers to holiday fun with the family*

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