Whew, 2018 here we go! I was not ready for this year to start you guys, I really wasn’t. But here we are, making moves in the New Year! I asked you all on Instagram what post you wanted to see first, and my 2018 goals and plans for the year was a big “YES”. So, here we go with my new year goals and how I plan on starting them.

There are so many new year goals that we want to achieve, but how do we manage them and start on them? Here are some goals for the new year and tips for

I have never been a “resolutions” person, you can check out why here, but I do love to set goals for the year for myself and for my family. These might include things we want to purchase, financial goals, physical goals, family goals, goals for my kids, etc…

Because of the way that last year went for me, I really wanted to take a few weeks to think about my goals for this year before I just started

New Year Goals and Tips For Goal Setting


For my goals, I want to achieve personal goals, family goals, business goals, as well as doing three things that completely scare/intimidate me.

  1. Buy a house. This is a family goal that I have for this year. We have been renting for ever it seems like, and have been back and forth on where we want to live. While we still don’t know exactly what our living situation looks like over the next few years, buying a house, at least to keep for a little while and use as a rental property, is a huge goal of ours.
  2. Expand this blog community. I would like for Motherhood and Merlot to double in size, all around, this next year. With the support of all of you, I know we can get there! It has grown so much, and I have met so many amazing people through this community, and I want to continue to do that and be as empowering and as helpful as possible in 2018 to those that follow this blog and my social channels.
  3. Attend one blogging/personal development conference. I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time, and this is the year that I plan on making it happen! These are huge for bloggers and influencers, not only to help make connections but to learn so much about how to be successful and helpful to our readers in this industry.
  4. Finish writing my book. I have been all over the place about writing a book, and this is the year that I want to do it and finish it. This will be my most difficult goal to accomplish I think. This is the one thing I have been putting off, mostly out of fear, so I need to get going on it. (Intimidating thing #1)
  5. Earn business degree certification. As some of you know, I was finishing up my Master’s degree before my brother passed away. For the time being, I don’t feel like I can adequately counsel other people. So, I want to help my husband grow our online marketing company, and take some business certification courses to learn more about operating a company.
  6. Travel overseas. This is my second intimidating thing, mostly because of my irrational fears about planes and being stuck in another country… I know, it seems silly. But I do LOVE to travel and see the world, especially historical places.
  7. Add at least $500 to our savings each month. Again, this is another family goal that we have. I am still trying to come up with a money saving plan to do this. Once I do, let me know if you all would like for me to share it!
  8. Participate in a figure competition. This is my last scary thing, but I seriously LOVE working out and the way that it makes me feel. Again, if you want to follow along with this, let me know:) I would be happy to share on this journey.
  9. Let go of anything that is not serving me.Ā I want to take the time this year to figure out the things that drain me, the things I am passionate about, and what I look forward to. Then, using that, figuring out a way to invest more time and energy into the positive things, and get rid of everything else. Too much time is spent on things that do not give back to us or serve us in any way, and it is a waste considering how many other important things I could spend that time on, like time with my loved ones and children, and time going after passions and dreams.

I would love to know what your new year goals are for this year! Please share them with us in the comments below! If you want to see specific goal posts like fitness, health, financial, etc… I would be happy to do separate posts on those as well. Let a girl know;)

*Cheers to a new year, new goals, but the same amazing YOU*