I have reached a point right now where I feel like all that I want is a glass of wine, on my own private island. (Click logo to Tweet this)

Tweet: I feel like all that I want is a glass of wine, on my own private island.
Anyone with me on this??

As a mom, it gets really difficult for me to take a break, shut my brain off of mom mode, and just take a minute to myself. Does anyone else feel like even though you want to take a break, it’s so difficult to do.

There comes a point when you just have to take a break. You NEED alone time, you NEED some space away from you kids, and you NEED to be able to find yourself outside of your identity as a mom. That’s what people tell me at least.

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When you Need a Break as a Mom

I think my breaking point was when my husband said something to me. He didn’t just say something, he almost demanded it in the most passive way possible.

Now, I am the stubborn one in our family, not him. So when he tells me that I need to do something, I really know that he means it.

He basically told me that I had to take some time each week for myself. Whether that be an hour, or multiple hours, I needed to go do something on my own and for myself. This could be taking one of the kids out for one-on-one time (which I sadly never get the chance to do… but read about my thoughts on taking an “adult time out“), or taking the older girls out, or just going to do something on my own. BY MYSELF.

I don’t even really know what those words mean anymore…

But, I am making an effort. As I sit here and write this I am alone. Yep, ALONE…in a coffee shop, enjoying some time to myself. I forgot what this is like. I won’t lie, it’s a nice feeling

I guess that’s when you know. When you forget what it’s like to be alone, when you forget what you like to do without kids around, when you forget how to function without constantly thinking,

“Who’s crying?

Where are the babies?

What are the girls doing, they’re too quiet?

Who needs a diaper change?” 

All of those are probably a sign that you need a break.

It isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t selfish to want or to need a break for yourself. I say this because I am always one that says how I think it’s selfish of me or how I’m a mom now, so lack of alone time just comes with the territory. So not true.

We deserve time to ourselves. We all know that being a mom is hard, I have written about this exact thing before. It’s better for our kids if we have an identity for ourselves outside of just taking care of them. It’s 110% better for them if we make sure to take some time for ourselves so that we maintain a sense of sanity.

No one wants a mom around that’s about to lose her s*** every 5 minutes.

I have almost reached that point.

Have I forgotten what it’s like to be happy on my own? Have I missed the memo somewhere that said how to keep myself and who I am in all of this parenting craziness?


So, I am taking the time for myself. I am making a conscious effort to give myself a break. I need to find myself again. I have officially lost that woman and she needs to be found again.

What is your trigger” that tells you when you need a break as a mom?

*Here’s to making time for ourselves as moms, wives, and women*

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