As I read this book, I had a flood of emotions come back to me. From the first “you’re having twins” moment, to the delivery room, to the craziness that follows, the stories in Multiples Illuminated provide a little bit of everything for mama’s of multiples.

While book reviews are not a normal occurrences around here, this book is a little bit different for me. As most of you know, I am a mama of multiples. A set of twins, one boy and one girl, graced this world a little less than a year ago now… and life has never been the same since.

Reading this story not only brought back a flood of emotions, but it provided a lot of humor and the ability to look at the hectic life with multiples and know that you are not alone in it.

multiples illuminated

Multiples Illuminated

Edited and compiled by Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee, this book is a mix of everything and anything that has to do with being a parent of multiples. It is a collection of stories from parents of all different numbers of multiples, who each have a unique point of view on what life is like with multiple babies.

This book covers from Infertility to Delivery, the NICU stay to The First Years, and everything in-between. There is also an entire section in the back of this book that contains tons of resources for parents of multiples, from websites to magazines, which I thought was an excellent addition.

I love that is done in the perspective of parents from all different walks of life, who all conceived their multiples in a different way. It makes it so much more enjoyable to read when you hear from so many parents who are all just trying to get through life with multiples, just like I am!

Without giving too much of the book away, I thought I would share one of my favorite stories from the book. This one, called “Outplan” by Jackie Pick, really resonated with me. While my water didn’t break in quite as dramatic of a fashion as hers did, she also had her Twin A poke one foot out, as I did. My favorite part of this was the rawness and real life details that she spoke about the delivery and after with. It was amazing to read a story that allowed me to relive mine. The best part was the way that she ended it;”…it had all gone according to plan.” This is something that I still struggle with thinking, and reading it from another twin mama really gave me a sense of peace and almost like a “twin mama sisterhood” moment. 🙂

If you are a parent of multiples, or potentially could be, I highly suggest reading this for yourself. It’s an easy and enjoyable read that allows you to feel not so alone in the craziness that comes with parenting multiples.

You can find Multiples Illuminated for purchase here on Amazon.

*Cheers to parents of multiples*

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