Recently, the Morphe 35O Palette came back in stock… I almost died with excitement.

I have been waiting for this palette to come back in stock since last summer when I first heard about it from the beautiful, Jaclyn Hill. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how I feel about warm eyeshadows… they have my heart!

morphe 35o palette

I sent out a Snapchat of this palette the second I unwrapped it. It’s just so pretty! If you’ve never heard of Morphe before, I highly suggest that you check them out. Not only are they an excellent company with quality products, but their prices are some of the best out there for what you get.

I posted a few months ago about the best brushes for the face and the best brushes for the eyes, and Morphe has some in both categories!

Anyway… on to the palette!

Morphe 35O Palette

morphe 35o palette

morphs 35o palette

This is a warm-toned palette that has a little bit of everything. From shimmer shades, to satin finished shadows, to the necessary mattes that are a “must” for me, this palette really is all that you need if you love warm shadows.

The quality of this palette is amazing! You get 35 shadows that are a generous size, and the palette itself is under $30! You pay less than a dollar per shadow. Yes please!

There are some misses in this palette in terms of pigmentation, blend ability, and the quality of the shadow itself. But, for the most part, the palette is well worth the money and the shadows are amazing.

I’m going to give you some swatches and close-ups of the palette by each of the 7 vertical columns. I’ll also tell you which of the shadows in those aren’t the best and share my top favorite shadows with you as well!

Column 1: morphs 35o palette swatches

This row has three matte shades, a medium satin brown,  followed by a deep brown shade with some gold shimmer. The matte shades are gorgeous, perfect for a brow bone highlight, transition shades, and a satin deep brown color. The only one that is not super soft and pigmented in this row is the last deep brown with the shimmer. Not a fan of that one.

Column 2: morphs 35o palette swatches

This row is STUNNING. The first two shades are a lighter peach shade and a light golden shade with a pink iridescent shine. Then comes a cooler tone matte brown, and that amazing warm bronze metallic shade (one of the best shadows in this palette). The final in this row is a warm, matte brown with excellent pigmentation.

Column 3: IMG_2496

The first two in this group are a light pink-peach with a hint of silver glitter. Then a peachy-gold shimmer that is gorgeous paired with some of these warm browns. The last three are different shades of matte browns that are pretty good, not my favorites from this palette though.

Column 4:IMG_2497

This first shade gives me LIFE! It is an amazing, fiery copper metallic that is so beautiful. The next four are matte shades, which are really pigmented and beautiful. This row all together makes an amazing look. But that first shade though… best one out of the entire palette in my book.

Column 5: IMG_2499

This row is pretty. It has a matte beige, followed by a peach/orange with a hint of sheen. The next two are warm browns, one more coppery and one more bronze. with a lot of shine but no glitter, which I prefer. The last is just a matte brown that runs a little more on the cool side.

Column 6:IMG_2500

The first color in this group is a gorgeous camel color that I am in love with for a transition/crease shade. The next is a great matte milk chocolate color. The next three are gorgeous shimmer shades. The first is metallic pink champagne that is so beautiful all over the lid. The next is a satin bronze followed by an amazing red copper. Beautiful!

Column 7:IMG_2501

This group, in combination with the last, are the best full columns in this whole palette. The first three shades in this group are different levels of matte orange, with amazing pigment and quality. The next is a gorgeous hot chocolate color, and the last is a STUNNING metallic coppery bronze that is right up there with the pink champagne in the previous row as one of my favorites.

Overall, the quality of this palette is amazing. The pigmentation is right up there with some of the high end shadows I own and the colors in this warm palette are right up my alley. I love the combination of mattes, satin, shimmers, and your handful of extreme metallic shades.

I would highly recommend this if you are someone who loves warm shadows for an amazing price.

*Cheers to excellent shadows, at a ridiculous price, for beautiful makeup looks*

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