letter to unborn babyDearest little ones,

You two have now been with me for the better part of 9 months. It has been an amazing pregnancy journey full of exciting moments as you both have grown inside my belly.

It is still hard for me to believe that there are two of you in there. When they first told us we were having not one, but two babies, I couldn’t stop laughing and your dad was in shock. The first weeks of taking it in and thinking about all we had to do to get ready for the both of you were full of mixed emotions. The greatest of these emotions being absolute, instant love for the both of you.

Because there are two of you, mommy had a rough pregnancy in the beginning. My body had to get ready to carry double the joy so I was very sick at first and really tired. It was all worth it as we got to the 18 week point and we found out that we were having another princess and our first (and only) boy! Your dad would have been happy with either gender, but the fact that we get to enjoy one of each is so special.

Speaking of your daddy, I just have to tell you how lucky you both are to have him. We, of course, or more lucky to be getting double the blessings with the both of you, but as far as a dad goes, yours is the very best! He is the hardest working man I know and also adores the two of you so much.

Your sisters are very excited to meet you. Emmalee (your oldest sister) has gotten to feel you both move around and she loves it. She used to help me get the doppler ready to listen to both of your heartbeats. I think that you will both just adore her and she will love to help with the two of you when you finally get here. Gracelynn is your next oldest sister. She still doesn’t quite understand the fact that there are two babies in mommy’s belly and that you will both eventually be outside of tummy. It might take her some getting used to, since she has always been the baby of the house. But I know she will love you both and want to try to hold you all of the time.

My sweet Annabelle, you gave us quite the scare in your early months. A small “imperfection” was made out to be something much worse and had me and your daddy worried. But, throughout the months of worry and prayer, it is no longer even a thought and you are just as perfect to us as the day that we found out I was carrying you. You will be our third beautiful girl, and just as special to us as your sisters. I hope that the three of you have the same closeness as I do with my sisters, your aunties.

My little man Oliver, I can’t believe that you will be our one and only boy. You will be our youngest as well because of where you are in my belly. Don’t worry, I’m sure your three older sister’s won’t pick on you too much;) There is something really exciting and special about the fact that we get to have a son. Your dad, although not a huge sports fanatic, is really thrilled that there will be another man in the house since he has only been surrounded by girls for the past few years. Our youngest, our last baby, our little man.

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When you make your way into the world in the very near future, please be patient with me. I will give you all of the love and attention that I have, but I think we will all have some adjusting to do. You both will be the completion to our family of 6 and while that excites me and makes me beyond happy, I am also a little scared and a little anxious about how it will all balance out. Thankfully, the Lord has given me a lot of patience and a lot of peace to prepare for the birth of you beautiful little ones.

I have felt you both wiggle, kick, hiccup, and roll over the past months that you have been growing. There is no greater joy to me in the world over the fact that I get to be your mommy. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces sometime in the next few weeks. The love that I have for you already is immeasurable. You two, along with your sisters, are my greatest blessings in life.

Love you both forever,