Toothpaste Finger Painting

Oh the life of a mom… My two little girls are Emmalee (2 and 2 months) and Gracelynn who just turned 7 months. I love them more then I could ever explain and I really do love getting to be their mom and watch them grow!

However… sometimes the life of a mom is crazy, hard, and just ridiculous at times. Like this morning for example. Now, my oldest is, in my opinion, smart for her age. She strings full blown conversations together, knows her ABC’s, can count to 20, she can identify letters, knows her animals… I mean the kid knows what’s up. She also knows what she is and what she is NOT supposed to do. Case in point… using toothpaste as finger paint. I mean seriously? Typing those words out just sounds ridiculous but this is reality, not some alternate life where we can keep an eye on our kids every single second of every single day. I know that sometimes, when I have her sister and am trying to tend to her needs in some way, my mischievous little Emmalee loves to rebel in whatever sneaky way that she can.

So, as I was feeding little Gracie this morning, I could hear Emmalee in her room, singing away to herself like normal. I didn’t think twice about it. 15 minutes later she walks out of her room with some kind of blue substance all over herself. I mean it was on her face, her knees, her nightgown, EVERYWHERE. I asked her what she was doing. Her response to me ” Mommy, I paintin”. Oh boy..Mommy Monday Toothpaste Fiasco

I ran into her room to see the damage. The carpet by her bed had some wonderful, bright blue toothpaste patches. Her bed itself, pillow, sheets, and her frame, had blue painted all over them in whatever kind of masterpiece design my little Picasso was going for. She also decided that she was going to paint her foam blocks, which I didn’t realize until I reached¬†down to pick a few up and out of the way, and ended up with minty goodness all over my hands.

In the pictures, if you see anything blue or muddy looking on my daughter, it is not dirt. Nope, that is toothpaste. The picture actually makes it look a lot less dramatic then it seemed to be at the time.(It really was everywhere) Needless to say, this ended in a time-out and an upset mommy. Thankfully, toothpaste mostly comes off with just water and doesn’t really stain. The mess did take me a good hour to clean up though.

photo 2

Looking on the bright side, the girls’ room now smells fresh and clean, like a freshly brushed mouth. That’s a good thing… right?

We all have these days where motherhood is not easy. Our children do something that we are in shock about because we just cannot understand how they come up with the ideas to do these things. But then, when it is all said and done, they tell you “Sorry Mommy” in the sweetest and most innocent voice that they can muster, and we realize that they are still learning, they aren’t hurt and no real damage was done. No matter what, we love them in all of their smurf glory!

Nevertheless… I think I am still inhaling mint.

What is your worst, “What did you do” moment being a mom?

*Here’s to extra minty fresh…carpets*