For kids, some things are really difficult to understand. It may be a new experience for them or something that they have done before, but still aren’t too sure about.

This can be a hard topic to approach or get them to comprehend in a positive way. We never want our children to be scared of things that we know are for their benefit, like going to the doctor or getting their teeth checked.

Hey doctor it's my heart not an Mp3 player.

There are a lot of ways to go about explaining to our children what is going to happen when going to an appointment or introducing them to a new experience.  It is important that we prepare them as best we can so they go in feeling ready and confident in the fact that they are somewhere positive, and that their is nothing to be afraid of.

Taking Kids to the Doctor or Dentist

-Lead by Example: The very first thing that comes to mind when talking about how to make our kids more comfortable is to take the lead. Doing something ourselves first, either letting the doctor do a mini “check up” on us first or sitting in the big dentist chair, can ease the discomfort that kiddos may be having. Seeing mom or dad do it first will make them feel like it is okay and make it seem much less scary.image

-Making it Worth Their While: Okay, so I don’t mean bribe them to go to the dentist or doctor (although sometimes this seems necessary). But giving them a positive pep talk before they go and then having a fun activity planned for after will give them something to take their mind off the visit. This could simply be going to the park, out for ice cream, or having a movie night at home!

-Preparing them before with books: There are wonderful tools out there for parents to work with and show their children in order to get them ready for the dentist. One of my new found loves is by PM Kids Books. This is a books series for kids that is focused on health and healthy living. Click on the link above to find out more about the fantastic author and illustrator. All of the illustrations are really great and hand-drawn.

They have an inspiring kids health book series that include; “A Visit to the Dentist”, which talks all about the things that happen on a dentist visit and how to keep your teeth clean, to “Home Sick Today”, which not only helps ease the disappointment of missing out on things when kids are sick, but also gives kids ways to stay healthy and prevent getting sick.

imageThis adorable book series seems to be fairly new, but continuing to grow. You can purchase these books on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble for an extremely good price! They are also available in Spanish and Italian, which is so unique.  These are some of the most useful books our their in terms of really focusing on kids health and wellness. I hope that they come out with more additions to the series!

PM Kids Books has graciously provided; an autographed book set of three books, a book carrying bag and 4 bookmarks with their cute book characters on them, to give away to one of my wonderful readers. Follow the link below to enter. Make sure that you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, where I will announce the winner a week from today on August 4th. Good luck!

*Cheers to prepping our kids for new and fun adventures*


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