Cherish each and every moment with your children, tomorrow they will be older.


Last Mommy Monday, we talked about leaving your kiddos overnight and different tips to use when doing so. My husband and I just recently got back from our little get away and let me tell you, WE MISSED OUR GIRLS.

After going on our little vacation and being away from our kids for that length of time, it really makes you realize something as a parent and just as an individual. Plus, there are a few things that I was unprepared for in the aftermath of leaving them… I’ll give you all the details on that!


After Leaving The Kids

Here are some of the things that we as parents need to prepare ourselves for when leaving our children overnight or for an extended period of time:

1. YOU WILL MISS THEM: This is inevitable. While we all may be off having fun with our spouse or friends, at numerous points throughout the day, part of your heart may feel like its missing. I found myself constantly looking at my phone (all though I did refrain from calling every hour, props to me!), sometimes looking around like I was missing something because well, I kind of was, and then just flat-out missing your kids when they aren’t there with you!

2. After you get home, there will be an adjustment period: Okay, no one tells you this when you leave your kids or are preparingimage for a trip because the people who are watching your kids *especially grandparents* want to watch them, but… for the first few days after you get your kids back, they most likely will be little nightmares as they readjust to having their parent(s)around and having to follow the rules that are set in your household.

Lets face it, when you aren’t the parent, you get to have fun with the kids you are watching! While they still have to follow rules and can’t just do whatever they please, they have much more freedom then when they are with us as their parents and they also get spoiled. My girls’ grandparents and their aunts and uncles that live here in Arizona spoil them rotten! Even with my constant “don’t do that please” remarks, somehow my kids come home sugared up (their aunt is a baker), or with a new item of clothing or toy. This seems to happen 100x more when I leave them. Just know that if you leave your kiddos, be ready to re-discipline them and let them know that they aren’t in Kansas anymore…welcome back to reality kids!

3. They will be different: Something will have changed by the time you get back, even if it is a 24 hour get-away. I swear, my 2 year old can now speak in full on paragraphs and conversations rather then just the random sentences she used to try and string together. And my baby… *tear*, she is baby-talking and standing up on her own! I was only gone 3 days, STOP GROWING! Moms, don’t be sad. They have to grow up sometime! I just wish I could pause it when I leave so that I don’t miss anything. Who agrees with me on that?

4. Vacations Won’t Be the Same: I think we as parents all want to think that as we get ready for a fun get away, no matter what age we are, that it is going to be a trip back in time and we will just suddenly revert back to having no responsibilities, getting to act young, stay up late and feel a sense of freedom we don’t have with our kids around. Um, no.

We were in Vegas for 3 nights, and as soon as it got to be 11 pm, we were exhausted. It is going to sound so lame but the thing I was most excited for on our trip was to get to SLEEP in my own bed without sharing it with two little bed hogs. So much for losing our inhibitions right? There was a definite sense of freedom because we could obviously do things that we couldn’t have done with our girls there, which I will admit, was a nice little break!

There are also so many things that I thought, “Man, the girls would love seeing this or doing this.” After you have kids, you want your vacations to include them because what brings them joy, brings you joy.



In terms of getting to act young…. Honey, just get over that dream right now. We are not young anymore and do not need to act like children to have fun! We are adults and parents, and that is absolutely okay! There is nothing that says you can’t have fun as a parent!

Don’t get me wrong, we had a blast on our trip. But when it comes down to it, life has changed, and it is just better with our kids around!

*Cheers to our little ones, they have changed our lives so much for the better*