Alright… we all know that there all types of books out there about “how to be a mom”, that are full of tips and ways to make motherhood easier. Let’s be honest, motherhood is not easy! It has its moments where things are going somewhat smoothly and you can sit down for a minute. But a lot of the time, it is hard. It’s difficult, stressful, and can at times be lonely.

Don’t get me wrong, it is my greatest blessing. My two little girls are the greatest things that have ever happened to me outside of my marriage. But there are times throughout the day that I am just plan overwhelmed, even when my girls are being the wonderful little sweethearts I know that they can be.

We as moms want to try to do it all on our own. We are the hero that our kids come running to, no matter how old they are, and that gives us a sense of strength. However, we don’t have to try to handle everything else on our own just because our kids think that we can do anything.


We Are Not On Our Own

There are so many moms out there feeling just like we do everyday. Alone, worn out, like the screaming and cleaning and cooking and dishes and messes and laundry… oh the laundry… are all never going to end. In all reality, they probably never will.

Although we love, adore, cherish and any other word that describes how much our children mean to us, we also need adult interaction. I don’t just mean a surface friendship that has not emotional foundation. A real, true, friendship that is there when the going gets tough, not only when times are full of rainbows and butterflies

Have you ever just reached out to a fellow mom and tried to relate to her about these things instead of just doing it on by yourself? We all need
someone outside of our significant other who knows what we go through on a female level. We need a friend who we can laugh with, cry with and drink wine with when motherhood is just tipping us over the edge. There is no shame in that!


I share this with you because I know that I personally struggle with it sometimes. We as women with our unique personalities, emotions and our inner crazy (we all have it somewhere in there), are sometimes difficult to approach or maybe want to put those walls up and just live in our own little bubbles with our kids and not risk or worry about adding a friendship into that mix. But it is a necessity. If we were meant to be alone on this earth, the word “friendship” and “community” would not exist.

Motherhood is a wonderful life experience and the hardest job EVER. We don’t need to do it on our own! I challenge myself and you all to befriend someone new, or reach out to someone who you know but aren’t really close to. Maybe you will have more in common then you think!

*Cheers to finding new friends and not going at it alone*