Finding Energy As a Mom

“Motherhood: The most exhausting, emotional, rewarding and life-enhancing journey a woman can take.” Charlotte Pearson

IHaving Energy as a momt’s so true that motherhood is one of the greatest things that can happen. I know that personally, my girls are and forever will be my greatest achievement. It is also the most tiring, non-stop job, EVER. It can really just wear you down to nothing having to take care of any number of kids all day long. They need something from you all day, every day no matter if its morning, night, when you’re taking a shower… it is constant! But we love them. So, as moms we have to find ways to keep up with all of the energy that our kiddos have during the days and prevent ourselves from feeling like a zombie all day long.

How to Find Energy When There is None to be Found

1. Get dressed. We as moms would just rather hang out in our pajamas or comfy clothes all day, especially if we aren’t going anywhere, rather than actually putting on some normal clothes. This can actually make you feel more drained because of the way that we are seeing ourselves. I know when I have comfy clothes on, it makes it hard to find motivation sometimes (especially when I walk past the mirror). If you change your clothes into something that makes you feel good and cute, it will increase the energy that you have during the day. I thank the many, many psychology classes I have taken for this little lesson.

2. Drink more water. If you find yourself feeling really tired and the kids are running around like crazy and coffee just doesn’t do it anymore, chug some cold water. Not only will it wake you up right then but it will allow you to focus better, which we as moms absolutely need! I know that drinking water continually throughout the day helps me to maintain my energy levels and makes my body feel a lot less sluggish. Drinking water also promotes weight loss.. BONUS!

Finding Engery When Chasing Your Kids

My Oldest Always Running, Dancing and Singing

3. Exercise. This one is kind of given. Working out increases your energy! That’s why I love to do it in the morning before I have to really get going for the day because it helps me maintain my motivation to get things done, at least for the first half of the day! There are also tons of things that we as moms can do to stay fit without leaving home! My girls are also dancing machines, which is a great way to get that heart pumping! So put some music on and have a mini-dance party! The kids will love it, and you will too even if it sounds crazy now:)

4. Eating the RIGHT snacks during the day. Last week,  I posted an example of what I eat during the day with plenty of options for busy, on-the-go, or just easy-going ladies! Grabbing a snack when you feel your energy decreasing will help to amp up your blood sugar. Doing this in a healthy way is key so that you don’t have the energy boost, with the unpleasant crash later.

5. Give yourself a few minutes. You are NOT a bad parent if you take a few minutes out of the day to take a break. We all need one, and that is absolutely okay! No one can tell you that you are doing anything wrong if you take a breather. And hey, if that break includes sitting in the quiet after your husband gets home for 5 minutes, with a glass of wine of course, do it! And DON”T FEEL GUILTY. Being a mom is hard work.

Enjoy Some Quality Mom & Kid Time6. Have some quality mommy-kid time. Being by yourself can help you recharge but so can getting in on playtime with the kids. Doing something with them rather than just watching them do something can not only give you some energy but it will also make you feel less worn out at the end of the day because you have the wonderful memory of the activities you did that day with them, outside of the normal routine.

If its something on this list that works, or something else that helps you stay going throughout the day, just make sure that you are doing something to keep that energy up. Motherhood is no joke, in all of its exhaustion and emotion and craziness, but it is all so worth it as I am sure we can all agree!

What are some other things that you moms would like to read about? Any products for moms or kids I should try so I can review them?

*Heres to staying energized and sane*