2 Kids in 2 Years


When I was a mom of only one, things were much different. I was a stay-at-home mom then just like I am now, but having two is just a whole new ball game. My first daughter, Emmalee, was literally the easiest baby ever. When I got pregnant for the second time, I really wasn’t nervous at all. Staying home with and being first time mom with Emmalee seemed like such a breeze to me so I figured a second one would be more work obviously, but not like a volcanic eruption of change. It even started with my pregnancy, much more difficult than my first. The only thing that was easier was my labor and delivery. I think God was giving me the calm before the storm.

Don’t take any of this the wrong way, I love my little Gracie. She has brought immeasurable joy to our family. But… she is a handful! I was not prepared for the type of baby that she is. She is so attached to me, I mean screams if I walk out of the room without her most of the time, she is really fussy and most of the time it’s just because she wants someone to pick her up, her transitions have been way harder then they were with my oldest by far, and staying home all day, 5 days a week, with the two of them is sometimes… crazy!!! I have no idea how you moms of 2+ kids do it! SUPER WOMEN that is for sure. My mom has 10… I know, she is definetly one of the strongest women I knew. People ask me if I will have that many and I’m like,” Ummm, are you insane?” I love every one of my siblings more than words can say, but I can’t see myself having anywhere near that. Okay get real… I really don’t think I will have more than my two beautiful girls. And I am perfectly happy with that:)


I now have two mobile kiddos, both with plenty of attitude. (No idea where they get that from… wink wink) My days are filled with endless battles with my 2-year-old, who has now started asking “why” to EVERYTHING. “Emmalee don’t climb the kitchen counters… Why Mom?!” Seriously kid, you’re two. Just do what I say! If only it were that easy. Gracelynn refuses to make anything easy. While I’m working out, she crawls right underneath me and just sits there, waiting for me to notice her. I have been trying to slowly wean her off of nursing and she is just not having it at all. If I even try to give her a bottle she arches her back Matrix style and screams until I just give up.

Trying to take in all of the lessons I learn in a day from being a mother to these girls is difficult. I’m not going to lie. Any moms hear me on this? IT IS NOT EASY. But it is so very worth it! The biggest lessons I am learning are how to stay patient, how to love even when I’m angry, and how to hold in my gag reflex.

Here are some of the ways that I get through the difficult and testing times that being a mom can bring.

Tips for Stressed Out Moms

-Go in the other room, close the door and take a breather. Sometimes you just need a second to yourself before you deal with whatever craziness is happening in your house.

-Do a quick workout of some kind. Even if it’s just a few minutes, relieving your stress in some other way as helped me to deal with my girls much more calmly.

-Call a family member or a friend and vent. My older sister gets so many calls from me about who even knows what, but it is unbelievably helpful in those moments where I just want to yell.

-Have a glass of wine. No one is going to judge you! I sure won’t.

Long story short, I am still learning, everyday! Learning how to be a mom, learning how to handle two kids, and learning about myself as a woman through my girls.

*Heres to our crazy, wonderful kids*