I am officially the mom of two 2-year-olds! I can’t even believe that I am saying that… It seems crazy to me that our twins are now two, when just yesterday it felt like they were my tiny babies! We have always called them our “little minions”, so it only seemed fitting that we threw a minion birthday party for our twins this year.

I say every birthday that it is going to be “something small”, but I literally don’t think I can throw a small birthday, or any type of event for that matter. I love the details too much!

Is your little minion having a birthday? Check out these ideas on how to throw an awesome Minion Birthday Party, like we did for twins!

*Some of the items in this post were sent to me in exchange for their feature in this post. I would never promote something that I did not use and love myself! Thank you for your continued support of Motherhood and Merlot. 

Minion Birthday Party Ideas

(Do you like how we could only get 2/4 kids in this picture? Story of my life)

Decor: Almost all of our decor was from Oriental Trading Company. I love the variety that they offer, with so many different themes, colors, and items to choose from. They have an entire section of Minion Party Supplies that I got to choose from, which makes it a great one-stop-shop for party supplies.

Here is a list of the items that I used for the party. You can find them all on the minion party supplies page:

  • Minions Basic Party Pack (Plates, cups, utensils, balloons, confetti) 
  • Minions™ Plastic Tablecloth
  • Bright foil picks
  • DM photo stick prop
  • Pez Dispenser (Favor Bags)
  • Yellow Hanging Fans
  • Yellow Medium Gumballs
  • Yellow Swirl lollipops (Favor Bags) 
  • Yellow Net Garland 

I also ordered an air walker Minion balloon from Amazon, as well as a a decor pack with the birthday banner, and a few other little goodies. You can find the links to those below as well.

All of the printables were from these two websites: Blank Printables, Printables with Text


I used these Despicable Me Minion Goggle Party Masks  and yellow paper bags the I got from the dollar store to create these Minion bags. They were super easy and quick to put together. I added in the lollipops, the Minion Pez Dispensers, some Minions / Despicable Me &- Party coloring and activity play packs and minion tattoos, and crayons in each one. They turned out to be really cute, in my opinion 🙂

Treats & Eats:

Our twins are super lucky to have an aunt who bakes, because she always makes them some amazing things. These Twinkie Minion cupcakes turned out so adorable and they were a hit with all of the kids.

I also partnered with Decadent Macaron, who made these fabulous minion macaroons. We had lemon, strawberry, and unicorn flavor. They were all DELICIOUS, but the unicorn was my favorite because it was like a sweet vanilla with fruity pebbles in it. So good! If you live in the Arizona area, you have got to check them out for a sweet treat.

I always theme my food to match with the theme of the party, so for the Minion birthday party, I wanted to make sure that I matched the food with different characters and lines from the Despicable Me and Minion movies.


We used Cheetos, spicy and regular, for Agnes’ Caterpillars. We had Minion Meatballs, the Minion’s Tropical Fruit Tray, Bananas, Minion Tic Tacs and gumballs, Swiss cheese and crackers for Gru’s shrunken moons, El Macho’s chips and salsa, Margo’s veggies, and an adorable pitcher of Minion lemonade. It was a lot of fun!

The twins had a lot of fun. We ended the day with a pool party and gifts, which was a great way to wind down.

Here are some other birthday party ideas:

*Cheers to our little ones growing one year older*

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