Thursdays are beauty and fashion day here on Motherhood and Merlot!

I am a makeup fiend! I love getting dolled up and trying new products and I find inner joy when people ask me for my opinions on anything beauty. I think that there are a few essentials that I, personally, just really need to have in my makeup collection.

Make Up Essentials

You know the hypothetical situation, “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take… ” whatever it is? Well, if I were in that situation and could only take 3 makeup essentials with me I would take the following. Now bear with me. We all know that it is silly to think about what make up you would bring when you are stranded on an island. You’d probably be worrying about things like survival… But this is hypothetical and who knows, I might want to look decent if I was ever rescued!

Must Have Mascara

With all of that being said, my first essential would be <<<<drumroll please>>>> MASCARA! I naturally have really light brown, dark blond hair, and my eyelashes are extremely light in color. If I don’t wear mascara, my eyes go from being what I consider normal size to little round brown circles on my face. They are just, bleh. Now, this is just how I feel about my own eyes without mascara. Some women have these beautiful, big eyes with naturally dark eyelashes or really long eyelashes and the don’t need mascara at all. LUCKY YOU! I envy you for this beautiful trait that you have. My favorite, go-to, die-hard fan, holy grail mascara is by MAC and it is their Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara. I also use other types from their line, but this one is my favorite for upper and lower lashes, lengthening and volumizing!  I adore it.

Ohh… Liquid Concealer

The second product that I just find to be a necessity is liquid concealer. I am a full coverage foundation type of girl, only because I really love the look of almost on airbrushed, flawless skin finish. Now, I figure if I was on an island, I wouldn’t be worrying about a full coverage foundation. But, sometimes you just need some under-eye coverage or spot correction. AHHH (bright light shining down)!! Here is where concealer just solves the issue. I use MAC Pro Longwear concealer and it works wonders! It doesn’t settle into the fine lines that we ladies usually get under our eyes, and it provides amazing coverage. It has never once made me break out and it blends in really easily on its own or over top of foundation.

The GREATEST Chap Stick

Last, but absolutely not least, I would die of chapped lips without my Burt’s Bees. It is my favorite chap stick in the entire world. I need to have a tube of it with me everywhere because for some reason, I just feel like my lips are the Sahara and at times they get dried out and peel and it is just a disaster. I used to be obsessed with the original kind that left you with this minty, tingly feeling and the smell was out of control wonderful.

Beauty Must Haves and Essentials

Beauty Must Haves

But I just recently purchased one that is their “Ultra Conditioning” chap stick. It is not lying! The smell and taste- ehh, they’re okay. Not my favorite. But the moisture factor is an A+. You can find it at most drugstores and grocery stores, I get mine at Target usually because I may or may not have a Target obsession… we’ll talk about that later.

Forget about the hypothetical island and think about a day where you are rushing out the door and only have time to do a 1 minute face. This is what I would go for!  What are you makeup necessities? Have you tried any of the favorites I listed? If you do, let me know in the comments!

*Heres to beauty, inside and out*