Hello beauties! Recently, I have had a couple of my lovely girl friends mention some issues that they have been having with finding makeup. They are both moms, and gorgeous without makeup of course! But, they have been really trying to branch out in the makeup world and have run into some road blocks. So today, we are chatting all about makeup for moms.

Tips and tricks for moms that want to do makeup, but don't know where to start. Check out these need to know ideas for makeup for moms.One of my best friends is a new mama and has been really loving taking care of herself more lately. Recently, she went to a makeup store and had a not-so-fun experience. She asked for help finding a specific product, and was told that it was in the “drugstore side… not where she is”, from a very snarky employee, unfortunately. They can’t all be good I guess!

Another close friend of mine, text me telling me that she had walked around the aisles of a store forever looking for some makeup products but got completely overwhelmed. She’s the mama of three little boys so she needs some time for girly pampering!

If you’re a mama that relates to this, share in the comments!

I decided to write this with some tips that I have as a mama who loves makeup. I know it can be super overwhelming because there are SO many products out there, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. But, even a little makeup can go a long way to making a tired, hardworking mom feel better about herself.

Makeup For Moms

When buying makeup:

  • Go with a list. If you are not someone who wants to try anything and everything beauty related, good or bad (like myself), and really just wants to get a few quality items, do your research ahead of time. You can ask a friend that you know understands makeup and could give you some items to check out. There are also tons of beauty blogs out there that talk about the newest or best makeup out there. Also, don’t underestimate the power of YouTube and the vast amount of info you can find on there. You will have your list in no time!
  • Start small. Unless you have a ton of money to drop, or a pretty decent collection already, just go for a couple of quality items and take the time to learn how to use them and wear them that fit your personal makeup style.
  • Don’t get crazy. By that, I mean get things that  you know you will wear. We all want to have bright colors because they look pretty in the packaging… but chances are, you will probably never wear them on a day-to-day basis, mama! Search for neutrals that you can wear and pair with a lot of different looks. Warm neutrals if you have warm/yellow or olive undertones, and cool neutrals if you have cooler/pink undertones.
  • Don’t get intimidated. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to makeup. The good thing is, it’s just makeup! It can wash off faster than you put it on. If you still get overwhelmed, even with a list and the tips above, find an employee that is NICE AND HELPFUL to talk to (as they all should be). If they don’t help you out, ask someone else! It is their job to help you find what you’re looking for, so don’t feel shy about asking.

Brands to look out for if you’re on a budget: 

If you’re a mom that wants to get into makeup more, but want to stay within a reasonable amount of spending, these are some of the brands that I have used and have found numerous products that I just love from!

  • L’Oreal. One of the best brands at the drugstore, hands down. Lately, they have really stepped up their game with makeup setting sprays, full coverage foundations that are comparable to some of my high-end foundations, and really good quality products.
  • Maybelline. You can’t go wrong with them! They have amazing lipsticks, especially their matte collection.
  • Elf. You probably pass them up in Target without a second glance. But some of their products are great! Their brushes are only a couple of dollars and the all black collection of brushes that they have is really good. You can get yourself all the brushes you need for just a small chunk of change. Read more about makeup brushes you need for the face and eyes.
  • ColourPop. Although this is an online brand, their prices are close to or better than some of the brands at the drugstore. I love their lippie sticks and pencil eyeliners, as well as their ultra matte hippies and eyeshadows (Only $5)! Gorgeous.
  • Makeup Geek: This is one of my favorite brands period, high or low-end. Their quality is amazing and they have some beautiful products for a great price. Their eyeshadows and blushes are some of my absolute favorite products out there!
  • Morphe. I live for their brushes! They are some of the best out there and they are super inexpensive. They also have individual eyeshadows for just $2! You can find a full review of one of their palettes here. IMG_2490

What you should have in your collection:

As moms, we don’t always have the luxury of going out a lot or even having a ton of occasions to actually leave the house with makeup on. These are the makeup staples that I think you should have no matter what.

  • A good foundation. I used to only use powder foundation when I was younger, and while I still do for lighter coverage days, I think having a good liquid foundation or BB/CC cream is essential. I love the IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination for days that I am not wearing much makeup or the L’Oreal Infalliable Pro Matte for days that I want a more full coverage look. Both really gorgeous options, and the L’Oreal is pretty inexpensive.
  • Concealer. Mama has to cover those dark circles from these babies! Maybellie Fit Me and Maybelline Age Rewind are excellent choices that both work really well.
  • Translucent powder. Not only do you need this to set your makeup, but it will also help if you are chasing those kids around all day and need a touch up:) This will also be less of a cakey option then piling powder foundation on top of a liquid foundation.
  • An eyeshadow palette. Make sure that you find a matte palette, or get a set of single shadows, that includes a highlight color for under your brow bone, a shade fairly close to your skin tone, a medium brown shade, a deeper shade for those dramatic days, and a good black shadow. Those are the staples that can help you create any look that you want! Then, you can throw in shimmer on the lid or whatever. But those are the staple shadows you need.
  • A black and brown eyeliner. I say both because I think it depends on your preference. I use black almost always (Maybelline Gel Liner), but it’s nice to have a brown shadow for days when I am wearing light makeup just to give my eyes some definition.
  • A brow pencil or some type of brow product. I think brow pencils are the easiest to work with, and I live for my Anastasia Brow Wiz, but brow powders or tinted brow gels are also great. Having  a tinted brow gel is great for moms on the go who just want to add a little definition but don’t have the time to pencil in a full on dramatic eyebrow.
  • Bronzer and/or blush. I would say that if you find a neutral shade of each of these that you can wear with a lot of looks, then that’s all you need. Neutral pink blushes are flattering on pretty much everyone and there is a bronzer shade out there that works for all skin tones. Physicians Formula and Covergirl both have great bronzer options and of course, Makeup Geek blushes are amazing.
  • Lip product of choice. Some mamas don’t want to fuzz with lipstick because they are busy kissing those little ones all day or are too on-the-go to worry about lipstick touch-ups. While I am a lipstick junkie, tinted lip balm, like the ones from Almay (Smart Shade Lipbutter) ,are a great option to give you a hint of color and shine to your lips.
  • (EDIT) MASCARA! I can’t believe I forgot this originally. If you have nothing else, mascara will make you look awake, make you look more put together, and you can throw it on in two seconds as you walk out the door. Maybelline (Lash Sensational), L’Oreal (Telescopic), and Covergirl (Lash Blast) all have excellent options.

In my opinion, a highlight powder is also a necessity:) But really, you can use a shimmery ivory, champagne, light pink, or light golden eyeshadow on the areas of the face you want to highlight. If you do want to go the highlight route though, these Glow Kits from Anastasia Beverly Hills are amazing!

If you’re a mom that loves makeup, what else would you add to this tip list?

If you are a mom who wants to get into makeup more, what was your favorite tip on this list?

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*Cheers to feeling put together and pretty, with or without makeup*

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