As moms, it is easy to get so wrapped up in our children and home life, we have a tendency to forget the friends that we once spent so much time with. Sometimes, this is due to the fact that they don’t have children, and our relationships with them change once we have children. Other times, it tends to be because we are so wrapped up and busy, that we forget to make time outside of all of that to remember the person we were before motherhood. No matter who the reason, today I am sharing 5 ways I have found to make more time for friends as a mom.

Maintaining friendships can be hard after kids, but so important also. Today, we are sharing easy ways moms can make time for friends.

I also want to preface this by saying I am not the world’s greatest friend, and I struggle with this area immensely, but I think its so important! I would love to hear below what your thoughts on friendship after motherhood are, and the importance that you hold on making more time for your friends after motherhood.

4 Major Ways Moms Can Make More Time For Friends

  1. Plan a day once a month to get together KID FREE. If you can get more than that, great! But, if not, at least you have one day marked on your calendar when you know you will be getting together with your friend(s). This could be something as easy as a coffee date or go all out and plan a staycation! My girlfriends and I LOVE staycations. Check out this post from when we stayed at Hotel Valley Ho.
  2. Find something that is the common denominator between y ou, your friend, and your kids. It’s a lot easier to get together when you have something that is common between you, that you do on a regular basis. Some examples might be your kids being in the same sports, having school study sessions (so you can have wine together while the kids do homework), meet up at the local library that you always go to, join the same mommy group, etc… all of these allow you to spend more time together while still doing the whole mom thing:)
  3. Making time may not always mean seeing one another physically. A lot of my girlfriends live far away, in the same state and different parts of the country as well. Our time spent together isn’t always time spent physically near one another. One of my best friends and I use an app called Marco Polo to chat with each other from Hawaii to AZ. (BRB, going to message her right now ;)) We are on the app every day, and even if we can’t respond right away, the messages are there to watch and respond to when we can. This is easier than playing phone tag and it is a video chat, so you still feel like you are close with your besties, even if they’re far away. This is going to crucial for me as we get ready for our big move. 
  4. Don’t feel like it is all on you to make time. We already have mom guilt enough, we don’t need friends guilt too. While I do think that it is important to reach out to your friends and let them know that you want to spend time with them, let them reach out to you as well. Friendship is a two way street, and it is so important to remember that balance. This article on friendships surviving parenthood is great!

As moms, we don’t have a lot of extra time as it is. Spending time with girlfriends is crucial for our sanity! Make sure that you are spending time with and making time for the friends who love and support you. Sometimes, chatting with my ladies is the only thing that gets me through a tough day as a mom.  Finding your squad, or even just one friend that you trust with everything (whether they are also a parent or not), to spend time with can make parenting not only more bearable, but also a lot more fun!

What are some other ways moms can make time for friends, or that you as a parent make more time for your friends?

*Cheers to real MVPS, our friends*