Hooray for more holiday set reviews!

mac holiday pigments

These are some of my favorites to do around this time of year because they are so gorgeous and fun! Not to mention I get to buy some fabulous things… as gifts of course;)

MAC Holiday Pigments “Objects of Affection” 

MAC Pigment SetMAC is by far one of my favorite brands of makeup. I love so many products that they make and around the holidays, this is no exception. Their pigments have always been a favorite of mine and a little bit goes such a long way that even though these aren’t full size, they will last you forever.

MAC come out with four different color schemes in this particular set of pigments. There is a set of silver & blues, bronze, beige & gold, and the pink & rose set which is the one that I chose to grab. I would almost always go for the beige and gold because that is my go-to makeup look on a regular basis. But when I saw what pigments where in the Pink & Rose set, I couldn’t pass it up.

This set is a combination of 4 pigments and 1 glitter. They are all deluxe sample size, which to me seems like around half of the size of a normal pigment, maybe a little bit less. The sets sell for $35, which to me is such a great deal considering you get 5 different options and their normal pigments are $21 each. Yes please!

The colors in this set are absolutely beautiful. The pigments can be applied dry, but when you get them wet they take on an entirely different level of gorgeous color.

Here is a closer look at the pigments and the glitter in this set.

Whisper Pink Pigment

whisper pink pigment

This is a really light beige pink pigment with pearl flakes. I love using this in the inner corners of the eyes to really brighten up any eye look.

Tan Pigment

macs tan pigment

This is a light brown pigment with a hint of pink in it. Absolutely stunning to wear patted on the lid, wet, with a darker brown in the crease area. This is the one that I know I will personally get the most wear out of because it can go with any type of eye look.

Rose Pigment

macs rose pigment

The name speaks for itself. It is a beautiful rose-colored pigment with some gold sparkle. It is the most unique one out of the bunch and so perfect for those with brown eyes especially. When wet, it turns into this amazing liquid rose gold. This is a look a did playing around with these, with the rose pigment all over the lid.

mac 5

Heritage Rouge Pigment

heritage rouge pigment from mac

This is my favorite out of the set because it is just so pretty when it gets wet. It turns from this light purple color to this gorgeous cranberry and copper combination that is so great for the fall and winter time especially. But, that is not to say that it won’t be gorgeous in spring as well:)

Reigning Riches Glitter

mac 6

This is a soft copper glitter that will add a lot of sparkle and a bit of drama to any eye look. It isn’t huge, chunky glitter or extremely fine glitter.

mac 7

Which color is your favorite?

Check out last weeks review of the Too Faced “La Belle Carousel” Holiday Set. Stay tuned next week for some other fun goodies including (my favorite part) lip sets and some stocking stuffer ideas!

*Cheers to the beauty of the holiday season*

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