A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.

I truly believe that children, regardless if they are boys or girls, are such a wonderful gift. My girls are the biggest blessing in my life.

To be fair, I did grow up with five brothers (sisters too) that I was close with,  so I do know a thing or two about what like is life with a house full of little boys.

I may sound a little bias towards all the pleasures there are to having little girls. But moms with boys, I know you have just as many joyful things you love about them (I would love to hear them in the comments!)

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8 Things I Love About Having Girls

  1. The Clothes: Can I just say that they come out with some of the most adorable pieces of clothing that I have ever seen. EVER. Like I didn’t have a shopping problem already, know I have two more females to shop for? Lord, help me. When I had my first daughter, I literally refused to buy anything blue. I have since then become much more accepting about putting them in a “boy” color, it  looks beautiful on them! imageA little ridiculous I know… but hey, I really wanted to make sure everyone knew she was a girl and not a boy. Pet Peeve Alert-I hate when people make that mistake. Plus, you can’t put little boys in tutus or fluffy dresses. I’m just sayin’…
  2. The Decor: You know that I did not hesitate to decorate in the traditional pinks and pastels because you can absolutely get away with it when you have girls. Personally, I think the majority of moms really want a girl just so they can buy everything in pink, lace and ruffles! I mean come on… you can get away with painting an entire room PINK if you want to!
  3. They will probably be Daddy’s Girls: Something about little girls and their dads… it is such a special relationship and I love to see it. We as moms know that our little girls love us and adore us, but they way that they look at their dad’s is something really unique and undeniable. I lost my dad when I was pre-teen and it was and is extremely tough on me. But, getting to watch my girls with their dad and just the special bond that they have holds a special place in my heart.
  4. Play Time: I love watching my girls play with dolls and play house and build things. It brings back so many memories of the things that I loved as a little girl. Every play time is all about princesses or baby dolls or dress up (my favorite), with some animals and pirates randomly throw in there from time to time. We have just started the phase where my oldest wants to watch me do my makeup and play with all of it. So fun and so scary all at the same time! cmop 1The imaginations of children are something that will never get old to me. My girls are so smart and their little minds amaze me every day.
  5. Accessories: Hair bows, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, fancy shoes, mini purses… it’s just like me, but in mini size! imagePutting a gigantic flower or bow on our girls that is bigger then their head is a little much, but once they hit a certain age the flowers usually can’t and won’t stay on for more than a minute. Soak it up while you can, that’s my motto! I have no shame when it comes to this;)
  6. The Dancing: Oh my goodness, the dancing. My little Em-bug is 2 1/2 and has been a dancing queen since she could walk! It is beyond cute. She does her own little Emmy-show with singing and the best dance moves that were ever created. That little girl is always getting her dance on anytime she hears a song… well, a good song of course. Her bubbly personality and girly ballerina twirls just remind me how lucky I am.
  7. Twinning: I will be the first to admit that I match my girls to each other, and to me, any chance that I get! Moms can match with their boys too, but not quite like they can with girls. I couldn’t even tell you how many matching outfits my girls have, or how many times I have painted our nails all the same. It’s a high number, I can tell you that. image Not only do we match outwardly, but having girls also comes with the matching attitude and sass of their mother… at least according to their dad:) imageMatching is probably at the top of the list for my favorite things about having two girls.
  8. The Love & Cuddles: No one loves me quite like my girls do. They have got to be the sweetest things on the planet. They love to cuddle, my 1.5-year-old is still in the hold-me-all-the-time phase, which I am trying to cherish since I know she will be grown out of it soon. My oldest goes through her independent stages, but at the end of the day she will still come up to me, press her cheek up against mine and tell me she loves me. I melt every time. Not only do they love and cuddle me, but their friendship and love for each other is so sweet and special! It is a little intense sometimes, as all sibling rivalries are, but it is adorable to watch.

(Since this post, I have had a set of twins. Another beautiful girl and our only boy! You can read about our twin delivery and twin life more on the Motherhood page or by clicking the links.)

*Cheers to the frills, the curls, the giggles, and the pearls*

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