As I was trying to figure out what wine to review this week, I went back to last week when I reviewed the Mia Rosa wine collection. While they only have two wines out at the moment, there are plenty of other wine brands that have huge ranges of reds and whites, so what better way to celebrate wine Wednesday then by drinking all the wines! 😉 This week, we are looking at Little Black Dress Red Wines.

little black dress red winesLittle Black Dress has 11 different wines in their collection. There are two wines in their “Divalicious” collection, and also one pink wine, which I won’t be reviewing quite yet. But, I will be tackling the three true reds and in a review following this one, I will try out all of their white wines.

Little Black Dress Red Wines

2013 Little Black Dress Pinot Noir

Bouquet: A hint of floral on top of fruity, cherry notes

Tasting Notes: Strong notes of strawberry with an overall jammy flavor. The bit of pomegranate adds a touch of tartness to make this not an overly sweet pinot. There is a touch of spice from the addition of cloves that really allows for a well-balanced and smooth finish.

Overall, I give this a 3.8 out of 5. One of the better Pinot Noir that I have had lately, especially for the price. A good every day wine, although it isn’t anything extremely special. This is sure to be a decent pleaser for any dinner guest.

2014 Little Black Dress Merlot

Bouquet: Deep, red berries and black cherry notes

Tasting Notes: Beginning with a tartness from cranberries, there is a combination of bright berry notes and a hint of herbal flavors. There is a really smooth vanilla finish on the end that completes this wine and makes it an easy one to drink.

Overall, I give this a 4 out of 5. There are a few different depths of flavors which makes it an enjoyable drinking experience. This could easily pair with a lot of different dishes because while it has levels of flavor, it is also very light on the palette.

2014 Little Black Dress Cabernet Sauvignon

Bouquet: Earthy, heavy notes of berry

Tasting Notes: I love the lightness and sweetness that the vanilla notes provide, coupled with just a touch of spice. There is a bit of oak overlying throughout the entire palette, but it allows the heaviness from the rich berries to be toned down.

Overall, I would give this a 4.5 out of 5. It is my favorite of all three reds from Little Black Dress and if you had to pick one, I would highly recommend trying this one out.

Have you tried any of the reds from Little Black Dress? Are you excited to see the review of the whites? I know I’m excited to drink them;)

*Cheers to ALL of the wines*

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