A letter to my daughter(s) as they turn 16:

My sweet girls,

   You are only 3, 2, and just a baby as of right now, but one day you will be 16. It seems like that is so far away, but as I watch you grow up before my eyes I know that it will come faster then we think. As children, the world seems so carefree and easy. You are safe at home with you Dad and I, and you don’t have many tough decisions to make as of yet. Those decisions will come however. three daughters

Beautiful girls, as teenagers you will be faced with a lot of changes. There will be plenty of hormones that you have to fight with, decisions for your future in school to be made, cars that you will now be able to drive, and possibly jobs that you will be working at. All of these things are a part of growing up, so don’t let them overwhelm you. They can be wonderful, fun experiences so take them as they come. cmop 1High school will be a combination of emotions, trying to find yourself, and figuring out what real friends are. Trust me when I tell you, you will want to find those few good friends that will always be there for you. Don’t try so hard to fit in. Worry more about being your amazing selves and the people that you will want in your life, will come. Find things that you love and enjoy them! It’s okay to stay young and enjoy things that may not seem “cool” to others. It’s more cool to be different than it is to be the same as everyone else. letter to my daughter

Boys… now this is a touchy subject for your mama right now. It is hard for me to even stomach the idea of you dating. Eek! But, I know it will happen eventually. Wait until you are truly ready to enter that phase of life. When you are ready, which may be around 16 (although I am hoping for later), find someone that treats you with the utmost respect and puts nothing but a smile on your face.letter to daughter

Remember that your sisters can be your very best friends in the world. Cherish that, and rely on one another as you each go through you 16th years. My prayer for you as you each turn 16 is that you always remember the inner beauty that you have, as well as the outer beauty. I pray that you will always put your faith in God and trust in His Word to get you through hard times in your teenage years.

Your Dad and I will always be here for you, no matter what. So please don’t be afraid to come to us, even if you think we won’t be happy with the conversation. We will argue, we will disagree, but will also be there to help you up when you fall, and wipe your tears when you are sad.

We love you now and forever. 


joanna at motherhood and merlot