A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to my daughters for when they turn 16, which you can read here. While I do have three of those girls to look out for and live with in their teenage years, I can’t forget the importance of also being a mom to a sweet, little man.

letter to my son

Letter to my Son

Little man,

As I write you this letter, you are just a baby still. At 7-months-old, you have stolen your mama’s heart.

It’s hard to think that one day you will be a young man. It has never seemed so real before, but I know that you won’t stay my sweet baby boy forever.

As I hold you and cuddle your chunky self, I can’t help but be grateful for the gift of a son that God has given me. I love you and your sisters equally, but there is a bond that I have had with you since the day you were born. There was a moment that we had, when they placed you on my chest. where I knew that my heart would never be fully inside my body again.

Yes, I am crying. When you’re older and reading this, I’m sure you will be shaking your head at that because “mom always cries” when it comes to her kids.

Your giggle is one of the few things that can brighten up the hard days. There is something about your open mouth, droll-filled kisses on my cheek that make even your most fussy¬†days worth it. I can’t wait to watch you grow and laugh as a little boy, and then watch you laugh as a young man as you head off in your car with your friends.


You are the youngest in the family, with three older sisters that are sure to give you a hard time. Don’t forget that you are the only boy, and they need you to protect them and stand up for them… even when they put you in a dress and make you wear makeup.

It’s going to happen.

Remember, the way you treat your mom and you sisters is an excellent view into how you will treat women in the future.

Speaking of other girls, I hope you know that this mama is going to be extremely protective of you. I know that there will be a time, far, far, FAR away, when you will go on that first date. Don’t even treat woman as less than you. Don’t be anything but respectful, even when you have disagreements. Never marry someone unless you know that you can love her with your entire heart.

My son, I hope that when you read this you know how much I will always love you. From now, when you’re a chunky baby, climbing all over everything and giggling away, to the day that we have our mother-son dance at your wedding, until forever.

I love you little bubba.


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