I have learned so much about being a mother over the past three years. Many of these are things that you cannot really be taught because they are just things you have to experience.

But, looking back on what I knew before I became a mother and things that have gained from other moms that I look up to, I realized that there are a few significant people who I have really taken so much from in terms of the way that I parent.

where you learn to be a mom

Most of my close friends either aren’t moms yet, or become new moms right around the time that I did. Thankfully, I was raised around some of the best moms I know and learned so much about what it means to be a good mom from a young age.

Where I Learned to Be a Mom

First and foremost, I learned from my mom. Surprise, Surprise:) When I was 10, my dad passed away and my mom raised 6 young kids at home by herself. Not to mention the other, older kids that she had away at college and with families of their own.


These are just some of us:)

Watching her as I grew up; working so hard to try to keep our family afloat, always sacrificing what she needed in order to give us (her kids) what we needed or wanted, and rarely do I remember her complaining about any of it. I know now that she was probably exhausted beyond measure, because that’s how I am on a daily basis with just two at home. I realize how much she gave up for us and how much love she had for us. In my teenage years, I was a nightmare. That’s probably putting it nicely. But she was always there, even when I was off doing who knows what. me hospital

I didn’t just learn the physical things about motherhood from her like; changing diapers, breastfeeding, how you hold babies, etc… I also learned so much about the amount of love that one person can have for their children, no matter how many children you have. Each will always have a place in your heart. My mom and I aren’t as close as I wish we were, mostly because of distance. But that never changes the amount of love and respect that I will always have for her.

My older sister has taught me the most about motherhood in more recent years. Her and I are 9 years apart, so growing up we weren’t the closest. But in the past few years, she has become one of my best friends and someone I confide in about pretty much everything, especially when it comes to my kids. She is the person I call when I am just having a terrible day because my oldest has been in her “terrible twos” for about… three years, or my little one is teething and won’t quit crying. Those days, when I want to pull my hair out, I call her.

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She has gone through so much in her 10+ years as a mom and she is by far one of the strongest women I know. I really couldn’t tell you where I would be in terms of my sanity without her guidance and prayers. I have learned the definition ofย  being unselfish,ย  how to kindly teach your children respect and how to guide my girls down a path to being godly young women (luckily, she has two girls as well).

me and jen

Last, but certainly not least, I learn about motherhood everyday from my husband. Obviously, he isn’t a mom. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But he helps push me to break out of certain parenting molds and always supports my decisions as a mom. He is constantly praising my skills as a mother, especially on those days when I am really doubting myself.

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There is just something about being surrounded by all of these amazing people that makes me feel truly thankful for what I have. Without them, my kids could be running around naked all the time, bouncing off the walls and I might be bald from pulling all my hair out. Who knows? ๐Ÿ™‚

Is there someone who taught you the important stuff about being a parent?

*Cheers to those that have taught us such important lessons in life*

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