If you follow me on social media (I would love for you to!), then you would have seen all sneak peeks of the adventures we had during our vacation to Virginia. One of the highlights of our trip… who am I kidding, it was all amazing! But, our trip to Kings Dominion Theme Park was a blast!

Kings Dominion Theme ParkI hadn’t been to a theme park in years, since before I even had children. We went with my family, my brother, and his family and everyone had a good time. Here is a little bit about the park and some of the things that we did while we were there.

IMG_3759Kings Dominion Theme Park

First of all, there is an endless amount to choose from here! We didn’t even get to the whole park due to a storm coming in, both an actual storm and the storm of tired little ones. I want to go back and visit soon and try to see more of it!

There is an entire water park attached to Kings Dominion along with the amusement park, although it was a few weeks before it opened when we were visiting. The water rides were open though. Who doesn’t love a log flume ride?

IMG_3779One of their newer rides is called Delirium. While it does look pretty crazy and fun for some people, rides that spin are not my friend;) Everyone that got off looked like they had a blast, and may have looked a little green in the face too. But, at least they had fun!

kings dominion theme park

Some rides I did go on was a few rollercoasters. My nieces, husband, and brother all went on the big coasters like The Intimidator, which as an aggressive thrill rating. It also has one of the highest drops around. The Ricochet and the Backlot Stunt Coaster were more my speed.


They also have a huge area for kids, which I loved. Snoopy land is full of fun rides for little ones and rest areas for parents:) My older girls absolutely loved it there!



They have tons of different options to choose from when it comes to food. From burgers and fries, to fish, to Dippin’ Dots, there was something everyone in our family liked (win!). They were having the Spring bloom festival while we were there, with lots of imported beer to choose from!

Thank you for thinking of the adults too, Kings Dominion!

They have tons of events over the summer, and even have a multiples family day in June! So fun!

Have you ever been to Kings Dominion? What is your favorite theme park?

*Cheers to rollercoasters, ice cream, and lots of laughs*

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