As the temperatures are rising and the sun is shining, why not get kids spring clothes delivered to your door so they can spend more time enjoying the sunshine and you can skip a weekend shopping trip? Stitch Fix Kids is convenient for you and a special way to surprise your kids with adorable clothing items that are fit to their style, plus fun stickers (my kids are obsessed)!

Looking for new kids spring clothes, but don't want to take everyone out shopping? Check out this review of Stitch Fix Kids and get clothes to your door!

It was time for a spring clothing overhaul for my littles, and their Stitch Fix boxes couldn’t have come soon enough! They all have a very particular style, so it was great to be able to customize their fixes to each of their styles (and the things that mama knows they need).

*This post was sponsored by Stitch Fix. All opinions on the clothing and the company are my own.

Kids Spring Clothes With Stitch Fix Kids

For most of the shots, 3/4 of kids opened their fixes together and put on a little show. My youngest daughter wanted to be in one all on her own… fitting to her personality.

The first outfits are perfect. My oldest needed good basics, my middle daughter loves color and unicorns (she got the best of both worlds), and my son was in desperate need of shorts and so lighter button-ups to wear.

I’m dying over these overalls! Both of my older girls got a pair, and they are just too cute. I just got a pair myself, so catch us twinning in these all season! My son got a few of these soft tees, which are great for everyday. These navy pants he is wearing around great for church and are a little more dressy.

I will say that their sizing runs slightly big, and definitely long. I had them switch from a 4t, which he got in his last fix but they were huge on him, to.a 3T and they are still a little big.

The girls tops and jackets are some things that I would have sent back this round, but it made more sense to keep the one or two items than to lose the 25% discount you get for buying all of the items.

These dresses that my youngest daughters received in their fixes are my favorite! They are light, but amazing quality, and they have pockets.

They each got a pair of shoes in their fixes as well. My son got Toms, which are perfect and I love that they are slip-on! My youngest daughter got water shoes, which I don’t love but she will use them at the beach this summer. The other two got sandals that they will use a ton in the upcoming seasons.

Can’t forget the swimsuits! How adorable is this?

In 3/4 boxes, everything in them was around $170 with the 25% buy all discount. This is amazing! It took around $55 off each of their totals, which was like getting 2 pieces for free!

My daughter’s box was a little bit more expensive because of the water shoes, $40, and a few more fancier dresses. Her box was around $210 for everything with the discount.

Out of everything, I love requesting dresses, athletic wear, shoes, and outwear in their boxes. I find that these always have the most consistent and best fit/quality for the money. The girls tops have been hit and miss for me, but I think that comes down to me being more specific in their style quizzes. The boys clothing is always on point for me (aside from the sizing, but again, that’s very child-specific).

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*Here’s to fresh kids spring clothes without leaving your home*