Over the past few weeks, I have been in full on decorating mode. Getting a new place leads to all types of great space for new decor and fun times to be had putting room’s together. My girls’ room is the one that I have been struggling with the most to decorate even though I have the picture of what I want in my head.

Jane Blanchard offered to write a guest post on this topic that fits perfectly with home decor… or should I say, how NOT to do home decor. I will plan on staying far away from these room ideas as I continue to decorate our new home.

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Kid Room Decor Gone Wrong

Guest Post By Jane Blanchard

When planning a child’s bedroom theme, parents generally consider safety, comfort and relaxation as priorities. There are, however, those folks who don’t really think of these things at all. It begs the question: what were they thinking?


kids room dino

Via Homedit

Kids love their dinosaurs. They also love stuffed animals, but this stuffed dino bed is on a whole other level. There is something not quite right about slumbering in the belly of this strange beast. Maybe it’s the oddly shaped feet or the stupid grin overhead.


kids room fur

Via Katnip

Ah, the 1970s. A time of flower power and tree-hugging bliss. It was also a time of polyester —

a lot of it. I’m not really sure what was so appealing about the stuff, but it was used everywhere.

This lovely bedroom is a great example. Poly-shag fabric graced just about every surface


kids room sheep

via DryDockShop

Weirdness didn’t stop there. Look at this sheep-ish room from a 1978 catalog. A radiator is

disguised as a sheep on LSD, and the parents are more than a little off. The possibility that

these parents decided on this room while tripping is entirely likely.

Dear Dolly

kids room disco

via Miss Retro Modern

One more look at retro decorating brings us to this sweet doll in a room filled with flowers. How

sweet! Actually the florals that blanket every square inch of the space do nothing to cover up the

weird life-sized doll and its “You will obey my every command” eyes that stare at you while you

sleep. No thank you — I would rather sleep in a padded room.

Creepy Coat Rack

kids rooms creepy hands

via TrendHunter

Who says dismemberment isn’t appropriate in kids’ rooms? This creepy coat rack takes the

cake for weirdest addition to a child’s restful sanctuary. I can just hear the screams now. Let’s

hope that the lucky child with this in their room is old enough to realize that the arms and legs

are from a doll and not a naughty child. Yikes!


Parents, think about the psychological effect a room like one of these will have on your kid

before torturing them with it. Remember, we have plenty of chances to mess with our kids’

heads, no dismemberment required. For more kids room decor ideas visit Modernize.


*Cheers to not scarring our children for life with some of these decor ideas*

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