Oh my goodness. Can you believe that we are in August already? This entire year has just flown by. I’ve been meaning to start a monthly family favorites since the beginning of the year but… such is life.

July FamilyI always see these family favorite posts and videos and I thought how fun would it be to share out family favorites with all of you! There are half of a dozen of us after all;)

I’ll be sharing my family favorites from each of us at the end of every month from now on, and sharing my beauty favorites every other month as well.

Make sure to come back next Thursday for my new monthly beauty favorites!

July Family Favorites

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Me: I have been loving swimsuits this month. I have honestly ordered around 5 cute, one-piece suits to find one that I love. Sadly, all but one of them were returned (thank you mom boobs). But, I a fantastic one-piece suit that is still “sexy” is on my list for “pool must haves” when we go to Vegas in the middle of August. My favorite new wine that I have tried this month is the Hive and Honey Riesling I reviewed a few weeks ago. While white wines normally aren’t my go-to, this is perfect for an end-of-summer barbecue or girls lunch out in the sun.

IMG_3786The Hubs: My husband loves his new backpack/computer bag that he found off of Amazon, OXA Vintage Travel Backpack. He thinks its a “super hipster bag”. It’s actually really nice quality and it has a ton of space.  He has also really been loving Pokémon Go (insert all of the eye rolls). I would more like obsessed with than loving;) His favorite beer this month has been Deschutes Inversion IPA.IMG_4007

4 Year Old: Our oldest has been absolutely loving her Shopkins. She has been into them since Christmas time last year, and randomly she pulled them out of her Shopkins Collector’s Case again and has been playing with them everywhere! Needless to say, they are all over the house.

Almost 3 Year Old
: Our sweet little G has been really into crafts, exploring things and creating. We have been using The Undeniable Power of Play: 101 Tips, Activities and Play-Based Learning Strategies to Engage Your Childa book written by three of my favorite blogging ladies,  to create some really fun things with her and her older sister. It is packed full of ideas for little ones and things that you can do to expand their minds with play time. Love it:)A list of fun family favorites from the month of July. Favorites for men, favorites for moms, and favorites for kids and babies.

Twinsies: This month, the twins have pretty much been loving getting into EVERYTHING. One of their favorite items has been these Bright Starts Vibrations Teethers that vibrate when you bite down on them. They are great for teething kiddos and they are a cute toy as well. Let’s be honest, right now they are chewing on anything!


What has your family been loving this month?

*Cheers to finding new things to love*

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