You guys, I have a problem… every time a big new beauty launch happens, I have to get my hands on it! Youtube was one of the main reasons why I started to love makeup so much again. So, when a YouTuber that I have followed for years launches something, you know I will be setting alarms to get my hands on it! The Jaclyn Hill and Morphe palette has caused quit the stir online in the beauty world this past month. 

There are a lot of different reviews out there, and I wanted to share my honest review from the perspective of a makeup lover, but not someone who does makeup professionally or works in the makeup industry. I got this palette in the mail almost a week ago now, and have played around with it quite a bit.

Jaclyn Hill and Morphe Palette

Just a little rundown on the palette itself. It sells for $38 on the Morphe website and at the Morphe store in CA. There are 35 shades total in the palette, putting the eyeshadows at a little over $1 per shadow. The component itself is a white, hard cardboard. There isn’t a mirror or the shade names in the palette, although you can find a PDF of the shades on the Morphe site.

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared the unboxing of this palette… sadly, the shade Pool Party (you’ll know it when you see it) was totally shattered! I tried to stamp it back together, but traveling with this palette might be questionable. Thankfully, that was the only one. Some of the pans were also coming unglued from the holder itself, but I will blame that on the Arizona heat.

There is a mixture of finishes in the palette, including matte and extremely metallic shadows. I have swatched each of the rows so that you can get a good look at the shadows and the range of colors. The shadows are powdery, specifically the more matte shades, so keep that in mind.

The first row is your typical highlight shades and transition colors. There are also a few shimmer shades near the end with pink undertones, which is a fun addition! I wish this row had a matte cream, otherwise, no complaints here.

The second row is full of warm tones, which is my jam! A few of these were more powdery (third one in), so the swatches came out a little patchy. On the eyes though, the blend out beautifully. Just remember to tap your brush off firs.t

The third rows some browns with red and pink undertones, perfect for a natural eye look or to add to a brown smokey eye. I love the first shade for all over the lid.

The fourth row has the first few pops of color with a bright purple and then a blue with a purple undertone. It also has a few cool toned shadows, which I appreciate it.

The last row is where the bright pops of color (RIP Pool Party) are. It is also home to all of the deep, dark matte shades, including a black. I love the variety of dark shades in this palette!

Whoever said this palette doesn’t have pigment, was sorely mistaken. The colors in here are beautiful and all of them are pigmented. Some are better than others, but none of them are lacking in this area.

I do find that to get a good swatch, I have to go over it twice (not dipping back in) with my finger or brush. The shadows are almost sticky because of how pigmented they are, especially the more frosted and metallic shadows. They are beautiful all over the lid for this reason, they just need to be worked with a little bit more.

What I think it’s missing:

  • A matte or satin white/cream shade
  • A mauve transition shade
  • The shade names: It is a pet peeve of mine to not know what shades things are. I hate having to say “that color in the third row, five shades in.” Plus, the shade names are so personal that it would have been fun to see them in the palette itself!

Other than the few notes above, this palette was a total win for me! I love the variety of shades and the fact that there are different finishes. It is beautiful! This palette is out of stock, but should be coming back soon! In the meantime, check out these palettes with similar shades and great quality.


Did you get your hands on this palette? What are your thoughts? 

*Cheers to beautiful makeup we can swoon over

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